Farmhouse Style Kitchen Decor

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Decor

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When it comes to home decor, I’m one who has a vision and then I take my time finding all the right pieces for it. I don’t like to rush it, because then I’ll see that piece I really had in mind and wish I hadn’t spent money on the other item. Plus it’s fun being on the hunt for home decor. As I type that I honestly don’t think decorating my home will ever end. I’ll always find something to replace an old piece, or bring an old pice of from storage as I redecorate a room. I love rearranging rooms too!

I should also say up front, I’m Rae Dunn obsessed, so you will see many of her pottery pieces around my home.

I’m a mom, therefore I’m super busy. I only have time to minimally keep my kitchen window herbs alive. Beyond the obvious– keeping my kid alive and thriving. lol The herbs are pretty easy, they really only require water when looking sad & then seem to perk up. Plus anytime I’m at the kitchen sink, which is a lot, I look at them and I’m reminded to care for them. So generally you are going to find I LOVE fake or dried plants in my house.



Faux Flowers | Flower Vase | Faux Apples | Rustic Metal Tray | Burlap

We had a kitchen white cabinets and then moved into a home with a brown ones. After having both, I’m definitely a white cabinet kind of gal. The white cabinets keep the room bright and reflect the light so beautifully, even on a gloomy day. I don’t know about you, but gloomy days affect my mood and energy level. So if a bright kitchen can help with bit with that, I’m in.

Utensil Crocks | Herb Pots | Kitchen Aid | Kitchen Rug




I stumbled upon these amazing dog bowls and nearly fell over! I found them at Marshalls, but I linked some I found online for you too. They were just meant to be for our home!

Clay Containers | Wood Cutting Board | Farmhouse Style Basket

The farmhouse style basket is where I keep garlic, onions, potatoes, bananas and tomatoes. I cook daily with almost all of these things, so that’s why I like to keep them out. Functional and cute is what I aim for when decorating.

I love having my cutting board out because I can easily access it. This is why having a beautifully hand crafted wood cutting board comes in handy. But beyond its beauty the Boh Small Batch boards are handcrafted right here in my home state of Maine. They are the most gorgeous and quality wood cutting boards I’ve used and seen. The only upkeep is adding some oil to revive the wood when it starts looking dry, which is normal for all wood cutting boards.


What do you use for cutting boards? Have you ever tried having a wood one? Have you decided on a decor style in your kitchen?


XO Eryka

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