Travel Maine – Fun Activities For Families In Maine

Travel Maine – Fun Activities For Families In Maine

Not sure what to do wtith your kids when you visit Maine? Local? Looking for fun activities to do with your children during the week or on the weekend?

If you are new to our blog, welcome! I’m Eryka and I live in Southern Maine with my daughter Izzy, my husband and our pup Teddy. I’m a Mainer and actually grew up in central Maine. I struggled to find a resource with all the fun things to do in Maine with kids so I wanted parents that live here and vacationers to have an easy list to check out and pick from. We hope you enjoy Maine and some of these kid friendly activities. This is a growing blog post, which means I’ll be adding to it as we experience and find new things!


Maine Wildlife Park

When: Spring, Summer & Fall

If you have little animal lovers, the Maine Wildlife Park is so much fun! You get to see so many local Maine animals, it’s incredible. It’s also massive, so bring snacks, drinks and a stroller… My 4 year old asked be carried a bunch…there is quite a bit of walking. You can rent a little buggy there if you aren’t local and don’t have a stroller with you. Also, the Maine Wildlife Park has a bunch of areas to sit and eat if you pack a lunch. Hangry is a real thing in our house, so that’s pretty important. They have a little shop for souvenirs and educational toys/activities to take home that relate to Maine wildlife. 


Smiling Hill Farm

When: Year Round

Smiling Hill Farm was a blast for my Izzy and her cousins …annnddd if I must admit, the kid in me loved it too. They have baby goats that you can pet, baby goat snuggle and yoga with baby goats. Beyond my favorite part, the baby goats, they also have tons of other animals, along with playground structures that a unique and great fun for little imaginations. And at the end of your visit the ice cream shop has duh ice cream, but also delicious sandwiches, homemade lemonade, goats milk soap and more. There is also a little souvenir shop with stuffed animals that resemble all of the animals you see at the farm. 


Deering Oaks Park

When: Year Round

Our favorite part about this Deering Oaks Park is the water area. You obviously can’t utilize this part of the park year round, however it’s a really fun activity on a hot summer day. It’s basically a shallow pool with a splash pad feel. They do also have a big playground, however we found it to be a bit too hot to play on in the summer sun. There is a little cafe called Tiqa right at the park that serves authentic Mediterranean food.


Friday on the Farm

When: Year Round

We LOVE Friday on the Farm! Pineland Farms has the most adorable playground and fun activities, just about every Friday. You can check out their event calendar and learn more here. This Farm also has an amazing market & cafe that you have to check out!


Soil, Seeds & Sprouts

When: Seasonal

Soil, Seeds & Sprouts is another Pineland Farms favorite of ours! The kids are exposed to hands on fun with planting and gardening. I attached their event calendar here.


Eastern Promenade

When: Year Round

Looking for a playground with an ocean view? This is a perfect little spot for kids to let out energy whether it’s looking for ocean treasures or enjoying the playground. If you aren’t a dog person, I’d stay away from this beach. Certain times of the day you will find people do bring dogs to the beach area for walks and to play with other dogs. However, if you dont mind then it’s a lovely beach walk to look for ocean treasures as well.


Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine

When: Year Round

The Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine has a lot of engaging options. They have many interactive exhibits for children to explore. Think massive indoor and outdoor dramatic play areas. They also have on going programs, camps and more.


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