Friday on the Farm at Pineland Farms

Friday on the Farm at Pineland Farms

I’ve loved sharing travel advice and fun things to do when we would visit Maine. Now that we are living here I’m excited to explore more and share our adventures with you guys! Have you been to Friday on the Farm at Pineland Farms?

A mommy friend of mine told us about Pineland Farms and their Friday on the farm. We went together with our girls and has a blast! I know your first questions is, “How much?” The cost is $5 per person. It’s also typically every Friday from 10am – 11:30am, but you can check the monthly calendar on their website. 

Friday on the Farm starts with coloring and a story. Then they go over the rules with everyone.

After this everyone heads to chicken barns. They talk about chickens and ask the kids questions about these animals. They familiarize the kids with chickens and even give them the chance to pet them.

Next we grab an egg basket and head into the chicken barn to find eggs.

I wasn’t sure how Izzy would do with this part. She was shockingly super brave and not phased by the chickens. I think it’s all the years of visiting Scottsdale Farm when we lived in GA. She use to feed the chickens there.

All of the chickens are super friendly and totally cool with all the kids collecting their eggs. I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit intimidated by the amount of chickens. Izzy made me feel at ease with her confidence.

Once you have collected all the eggs, then everyone leaves their baskets right outside the doors to the chicken coup in the barn. After taking some cute pictures of course.

Next we followed our girls lead and took a peek at the peacocks. The workers explained what the birds were doing and some facts about the birds. Izzy was pretty amazed by seeing this bird up close and in person.

And after this, we were on to see the cows. The kids were even given the opportunity to milk a cow.

Izzy wasn’t a huge fan of the cows. She didn’t like the smell and their size freaked her out. So we kept our distance. I milked a cow, hoping she would try after me, but she was pretty petrified. She kept saying, “let’s go back to the chickens.”

No smiles for pictures with Mommy after seeing the cows. #MomLife #PoorMommy

Lastly, but most certainly not least… the playground!

Oh my gosh this was the most darling little playground. Izzy and her little buddy had a blast running around, going down the slide and just being kids.

Isn’t this slide so epic?

I’d say, if you live in Maine or are coming to visit, you should make a trip to Pineland Farms and check out Friday on the Farm. We had a blast! I can’t wait to find more places for you guys to explore.

XO Eryka


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