Because by Mo Willems & Our “Because” Inspired Moment

Because by Mo Willems & Our “Because” Inspired Moment

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We LOVE books in this house. Being an educator and birth through five education major, I’ve built quite the collection. As you can imagine, teachers build a mini library of their own books. Especially teachers, like myself, that taught preschool age through elementary.

I have bins of books that are categorized by season, holiday, emotions and more. I love switching out the books in Izzy’s room and adding new books to our collection. Our newest book is Because by Mo Willems. This book  demonstrates how others can be inspired by moments, by each other and specifically in this book, by music. 

I love how Because exemplifies if you have passion for something, that passion may touch someone in such a way that it positively changes their life. In the book, because a child heard music at an orchestra, she learned she had a special appreciation and love for music. Because of this newfound love, she started learning how to play instruments, and eventually composes music of her own to debut with her very own orchestra, and the magic is passed on Amber Ren’s illustrations really bring the story to life. Recommended for ages 3-5, Because is in stores now.

Because we were inspired by the book, we discussed “because” moments that have happened in our lives.

One of my daughter’s “because” moments really stood out to us. Because we moved to Maine, we have been able to see more wildlife. Because there are more animals for us to enjoy, Izzy’s Nana bought her binoculars. Because she has the binoculars, Izzy has been using them to search for birds and other wildlife. Izzy now has an even stronger than ever love for wild animals and learning about them.

What are some favorite or life changing “because” moments that have happened in your life?

XO Eryka

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