My Obsession with the Ergo 180 Reversible Stroller

My Obsession with the Ergo 180 Reversible Stroller

Pretty much I found the stroller of all strollers! You know, when I find things to make motherhood easier, I have to share!  I’m actually so impressed, I wanted to review it for you guys and put all of my thoughts about the stroller in one spot. I have been asked may questions so hopefully this answers every question you all have had about the Ergo 180 Reversible Stroller.

I’ve been stopped by mothers, grandmothers, aunts and even a woman who told me that stroller looked easier to manage than her grandmas walker. Ha! Yes, this stroller has a lot of perks and I’m breaking them all down for you.

1. Versatile w/ Age

This stroller can be used for infants and up! One of the accessories is a carseat adapter, which allows you to clip your baby’s carseat in until they are ready to sit in the seat. The seat is made to hold up to 50 pounds of weight. My daughter is 3.5 and 33 pounds, so we will have many more years with this stroller.

2. Rear and Forward Facing

This stroller easily moves from forward to rear facing. It’s so simple. Lift the levers on each side of the handle and move the handle over the stroller to the other side.

3. One Hand Fold

This stroller is by far the easiest one I’ve used when it comes to opening and closing it up. To open, push one button and pull it open. To close, just pull the handle, found in the seat of the stroller.

4. Large Storage Basket

I love having a big and usable storage space under the stroller. The Ergo 180 Reversible Stroller most definitely has a generous basket under the seat. Also the storage basket is made to hold up to 20 pounds.

5. Accessories

I love add on accessories with strollers. The Ergo 180 Reversible Stroller has easy to clip on cup holders that have elastic on one half to allow for expansion. This means multiple size cups can fit in it! #MomWin I also love the option to chose a sun shade color that suits your style,  plus the option of a weather shield. Other accessories include a snack tray, carseat adapter and comfort cushion for younger babies. This stroller has you covered when it comes to accessories.

6. Height

My husband is tall (6′ 3″), and I’m short (5′ 1″). The handle can easily be adjusted to meet his height requirement and mine. Another issue we have had with many strollers in the past was my also due to my husbands height. Long legs, means big strides. He would often find himself kicking the stroller while pushing it, so I would end of having to always push the stroller. This stroller is very comfortable for him and he loves that kicking the stroller has been a non issue.

I hope you guys found this helpful!

XO Eryka

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