Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablescape & DIY Placemats

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tablescape & DIY Placemats

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Fall is such a fun time of the year! Izzy and I look forward to family get togethers such as Thanksgiving. I wanted Izzy to be apart of the decorating this year and help me set up the kids table. I’m sharing a DIY for placemats along with how we decorated to create farmhouse chic look. First up, the DIY fall placemats!

DIY Fall Placemats

What you will need:

  • Fabric Placemats
  • Paint ~we used acrylic
  • Leaves ~real or pretend fabric leaves, we used pretend fabric leaves


  1. Paint the leaves
  2. Push them down on the placemat
  3. Pull up from placemat
  4. Repeat until you have the desired amount of leaf prints

Didn’t they come out so cute? Izzy loves seeing things she has helped create out and in use in our home. I think it’s important to involve your kids in decorating so they are more respectful with the decor. Not to mention, creating things for the home and decorating is a great way to spend time together and build memories.

Ready for the full details on both the kid and adult tables? Here you go!

The Finished Thanksgiving Tablescape

The kid and adult tables are set with some slight similarities. They share the same color scheme along with the same pumpkin plates, which we love for appetizers.

For the adult table, I wanted a simple and farmhouse chic look. The table itself, called the Shiloh Rustic Dining Set is perfect for an farmhouse look because of the wooded top that is accompanied by white legs and chairs. To play on our table I added a metal and glass double vase which I filled with orange sunflowers for a bright and fall themed color pop. Added along to the sunflower centerpiece I placed a rustic give thanks sign. Spread across the table center I added cinnamon pinecones, mini pumpkins, gourds, dried corn and faux leaves.

For glasses I love the rounded glass cups and big water colored wine glasses. The appetizer plates alternate green and orange on the table.

I wanted to share that although we have a kid table set up, Izzy (3.5 years old) can easily sit at this table. Her booster sits perfectly on the chair and the height is easy for her to get up and down.

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Happy Decorating!

XO Eryka


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