Why I’m obsessed with Fawn Design bags & accessories

Why I’m obsessed with Fawn Design bags & accessories

Fawn Design Obsessed, yes I am!

It’s not secret that for years I’ve been obsessed with Fawn Design and everything they have come out with. This company was founded by a mother, who obviously had a vision for the best diaper bag. She didn’t stop there, she has grown her business, adding more goodies to Fawn Design along with making positive changes to her products. Oh and you definitely do not need to be a mother to own any of these products.

So here it is, my love for Fawn all in one place so you can easily reference it.


Let’s start with the most important thing when choosing a bag, weather you are using it for a diaper bag, work, travel, whatever… you want something comfortable. I know the thin straps may look uncomfortable… I get it, there is NO padding! Before trying my first Fawn Original, I was skeptical about this too. But, I have to say I was shocked at how amazingly comfortable their original and mini bags are. And listen, I’m Mary Freakin Poppins over here! You would be shocked how many things I can fit inside my Fawn  Design Original. The added weight never effects the comfort of my bag. Worried about changing the straps for different heights or preferences? My husband is 6′ 3″ and I’m 5′ 1″, we have never had an issue. The straps are adjustable and you can easily change the length while it’s on or off your body. We also always leave the messenger bag strap on the bag because my husband prefers to carry it that way for short distances.

Easy Access For Drinks

I drink a lot of water, almost a gallon a day. For myself and more importantly, my family, it’s crucial that we can easily carry drinks with us at all times. My Fawn Original shown here easily holds the Fawn water bottle in the front or side pockets. I can also easily add a cup for Izzy to one of the pockets as well. However for shorter outings, we just share from our insulated Fawn water bottle. Oh and if you are straw obsessed like me… this bottle comes with a straw lid!

Cute Accessories

Yes they have accessories! You can see Izzy and I both have pouf keychains, but they all have tassel key chains, stroller hooks and a changing clutch. I love the accessories because it allows you to personalize your look.

The Fawny Pack

Yes, we all need one, maybe even one of each color released? I mean I can’t even explain how pumped I was to see Fawn come out with the Fawny Pack. I’ve been wanting a Fanny pack for a while, but I wanted one that would go with majority or my outfits. All the ones I kept seeing looked too childish. The Fawny is as gorgeous and mimics the look of the Pringle and mini bags. It has definitely has been a game changer for me. I chose the color brown, it has a warmer more caramel hue to it, than a typical brown. What’s in my Fawny? At a minimum I always keep my lip gloss, chapstick, phone, keys, cash and cards in it. It’s so nice to not go digging around in the diaper bag for my things.

Fawn Listens

Fawn listens to requests from their employees and buyers and makes changes accordingly. The original had slight changes to the zipper and how the straps connect over the years. Recently the original got some bigger improvements. This includes the the pockets they added to the outside of the bag, found in the back. You can tuck an iPad (case bulkiness depending), small laptop and more in larger of the two pockets. We use that new larger pocket to hold coloring pages and activity books for Izzy.

Timeless Designs

All of Fawn’s products to me will always be “in”. The designs of each bag are simple and can easily fit with multiple styles. I’ve seen women with Fawn bags and Fawny packs who dress more sporty, preppy or even boho and the Fawn Design products fit perfectly with each of their individual styles.

Did I hit all my points? I think so, but if not I guess I can always hit edit on this post and add more as  more reasons I love Fawn as they pop into my mind. I hope I was able to answer questions you may have had, if you were curious about Fawn Design bags.

XO Eryka


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