No Tricks, Just Treats For Women

No Tricks, Just Treats For Women

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Fall is here, and this week it’s finally cooling down too! I’m loving this weather because I feel like I’m not forcing it when wearing my new fall fashions. My other favorite thing about fall… Halloween! My daughter Izzy told me there should be no tricks just treats. That’s why I pulled together a no tricks, just treats post sharing 3 brands with products I love!

No Tricks, Just Treats

Earth Brands

First up, Earth Brands, they made shoes and very comfortable and adorable ones at that. One reason I love this company is I have actually worn their summer through winter fashions and each pair has been extremely comfortable. I’m a busy mom, chasing my toddler so.. I need comfort. I use to just draw the line there at comfy. But as Izzy has gotten older, I have gotten my fashion loving groove back. Being stylish has joined as a priority with comfort. Luckily I found a Earth Shoes, a brand that meets both of those needs. They have so many styles I’m pretty certain just about everyone will find something they love and that meets their personal style. The icing on the cake would be the fact that Earth Shoes believes in making our planet a healthier place. In fact in 2015 they partnered with a non-profit organization and planted over 50,000 trees globally. They are continuing this effort with a current goal of 10,000 trees planted yearly.

The Zeal Sneakers come in Grey and Black.

The Sparta Boots come in Black, Burgundy, Silver Cinnamon & Multi Brown (Leopard).


Maidenform is a company that creates fashionable intimate apparel. They have modern and versatile shapewear in the form of bras & underwear. The company hopes to help women feel empowered, enhance your shape and celebrate your confidence. The Maidenform piece I own is extremely comfortable. I was a little apprehensive to try it at first, I assumed it would not feel comfortable. I was wrong, I’m loving the way it feels on. I also love that I can remove the straps and boom! The piece becomes a strapless bra that’s not falling down (because it’s a full body suit) and bonus, it keeps my shape smooth and tight.


I want to start this by saying, I’ve have glasses and contacts since I was in 5th grade. I’m 30, so you do the math. My eyes are very dry and I have struggled with keeping my eyes feeling fresh all day. By the night I can’t wait to take my contacts out, not to mention mid day I typically need to add solution drops to lubricate my eyes. Aveo is a company that wants to change your contact experience and they have definitely changed mine. Did you know wearing contacts outside of their intended use can lead to irritation, infection and even serious damage. Daily contacts can help with this issue and dryness, yet they are typically much more expensive. Aveo created lenses that are UV protectant, naturally biocompatible all-day hydration, inexpensive (less than$1 a day) monthly and annual subscriptions with free shipping. I mean, I totally agree with their saying, comfortable contact lenses should be luxurious not a luxury. If you have been wanting to try daily disposables, check out Aveo.

I hope you enjoyed the round up no tricks, just treats for women.

XO Eryka

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