Fall Scavenger Hunt Activity

Fall Scavenger Hunt Activity

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Izzy and I have always loved exploring outdoors. We have a new exploration kit called El for Kids and it’s by far the best outdoor exploration kit we have come across yet. Since fall is here and we live not far from a local farm, I decided to create a scavenger hunt list on our iPad. This scavenger hunt that is perfect for any farm or fall exploration. However if you are local to Scottsdale Farm, this was made specifically for our exploration on their farm.

Izzy loved using her exploration tools to find all the items on our list.

You can upload the list for Scottsdale Farms here, tap the image below.

click here to download the PDF

Scottsdale Farm Fall Scavenger Hunt

We even found things that were not on our list, like these gourds.

We have used our exploration kit on multiple occasions, even in the house. It comes as a 9 PIECE SET of nature exploration toys! The EL for kids kit includes binoculars, a magnifying glass, a compass, a flashlight, a bug container, a whistle, 2 carabiner clips and 2L waterproof dry bag for storing equipment and collecting finds.

The bag is pretty awesome because it’s waterproof and therefore protects contents from water, dirt and sand. This feature makes it great for any exploration whether in your backyard, camping, rafting or canoeing. The bag as a buckle closure which forms a carry handle or allows for the bag to be shoulder-slung via an extended snap on/off strap piece. 

The 5x30mm binoculars are the best children’s binoculars I’ve seen/used with Izzy yet. The magnifying glass allows Izzy to see tinier details when exploring.

I have been able to teach Izzy that the lensatic compass will help you find your way or she can use the whistle to to find ur or summon others see the collection of insects in your bug container. Carabiner clips afford hands-free carry of binoculars and flashlight.

I love the flashlight because it’s battery free! That’s right parents! I can’t tell you how many times Izzy has brought something to me, telling me the battery died. LED flashlight is impact-resistant and operates with an on/off switch and charges by squeezing the handle. The whole exploration kit is ready to use immediately, so you can open up your happy mail and enjoy! #ParentWin 

Have a blast exploring!

XO Eryka

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