Fall Apple Explore and Paint Activity

Fall Apple Explore and Paint Activity

For all my Fall LOVERS with a kid in your life, this post is for you. This post may contain some affiliate links. These links may bring in a small commission that helps keep my blog running so I can continue creating posts like this for you.

Fall is here and although it’s still not as chilly as I’d like, I’m going to will fall here with some fall activities. Izzy and I decided to explore apples and paint with them. I’ll break down the activity and developmental learning outcomes.

Step 1

Have an adult cut the apple in half, if you cut across the core, you will create a star. (see image below) Once the apple is cut place it on the table near your child so they can explore the inside and help pull out the seeds. Count the seeds with your child. If you can, sort the cut seeds and whole seeds. I even let Izzy use her senses of smell and taste. She licked the apple and smelled it. I asked her questions about the scent and taste. “How does the apple taste? Does it taste sweet or sour?”

Developmental Learning Outcomes:

Language: Gaining new positional word vocabulary such as, in, out, before & after. Depending on the child’s age they may also be learning words such as apple, seeds, count & star.

Cognitive: Gaining math skills such as counting and sorting the different seeds.

Physical: Refining fine motor skills while practicing to grasp the small apple seeds and place in groups or a line.

Social & Emotional: Asking for help, building confidence in trying new things, guessing, sharing and turn taking

Step 2

Pick out some fall colors such as orange, red, and yellow. I even added some green paint, since leaves are changing from green. Talk about the colors and why they represent fall. “In the fall leaves change from green to other colors such as red, orange & yellow. This happens because as the weather changes some plants break down the green pigment, which allows these colors to show through.”

Developmental Learning Outcomes:

Language: Gaining new vocabulary such as pigment, leaves, green, red, orange & yellow.

Cognitive: Gaining science skills such as becoming exposed to or beginning to understand plant biology.

Social & Emotional: Building confidence in asking questions about new things and guessing.

Step 3

Let your child explore and paint with the apples. Discuss the colors and shapes they make when stamping the apple slices, i.e. a circle and star. Talk about whole the apple core makes a star shape.

For older or more developmentally advanced children: After allowing your child to explore stamping, ask them to create images with the stamping. Such as stamping once for a head and a couple times for a body, then give them other brushes to create arms, legs and hair. Did you know by age 5 a child should be able to draw a person with at least 6 body parts?

Developmental Learning Outcomes:

Language: Gaining new vocabulary such as stampingapple core, circle, stargreen, red, orange & yellow Gaining positional words such as in, out, around & down

Cognitive: Gaining science skills such as exposure to or beginning to understand shapes, colors and positional words. Building knowledge and skills for drawing people or animals.

Physical: Refining fine motor skills while grasping the apple to dip in the paint, stamp and then steady the paper while stamping.

Social & Emotional: Taking turns along with building confidence in asking questions about new things, discussing what they are doing/see and answering questions.

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Hope you and your kid(s) have a blast with this activity!

XO Eryka


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