Saving This Summer For Road Trips

Saving This Summer For Road Trips

This post is sponsored by Kroger, however all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

We took our first big road trip early this summer. (I mean, I know it wasn’t officially summer… but it was warm and we are well beyond spring weather here in Georgia.) Anyway, Izzy did great in the car! Now we are doing what we can to save for more experiences.

You guys can start saving too! From May 4th-July 29th you can get 2X fuel points when shopping at Kroger on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. This is a big deal for us, we shop and fuel up at Kroger, so we are taking full advantage of this. I mean you can save up to $1 per gallon! Summer Fuel 2X Weekends are bringing big savings. Be sure to check out the participating Shell locations too! You guys can go here to learn more and sign up.

First up, we have to make sure the car had a full tank of gas, so we stopped at Kroger to utilize our 2X fuel points.

Next we went into the store and had fun looking for some of our favorite snacks to have during the ride and one we got to our destination.

We LOVE the simple truth products at Kroger. Izzy’s current favorite are the vegetable sticks. She calls them French fries.

I got Izzy and myself all settled with our drinks and snacks and then we were off!

Izzy asked me a couple times, “Mom are you sure you are going the right way?” Have faith Izzy, mommy got us to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

We immediately found a water bucket with little watering cans for kids to water the plants. Izzy jumped right into watering and caring for the plants.

We found some really cool wall art and Izzy even fed the giant Venus fly trap some of her simple truth vegetable sticks.

There was lots of exploring which encouraged her gross and fine motor development.

We discussed plants, what they need to grow and all the colors and names of plants we spotted.

After lots of exploring and playing we got a bit hungry and had snack break.

Izzy used balsa wood (a very light wood) to build a house. See how well she did?

I hope you all enjoyed following along our mini road trip! We had a blast and hope you all get saving with Kroger’s 2X Fuel Point Weekends so you can plan a mini road trip too!

XO Eryka

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