Simple Products For Day To Day, Pool & Beach

Simple Products For Day To Day, Pool & Beach

This post is sponsored by Clevermade, however all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

I reached out to CleverMade, because I really love their products. I told them I wanted to try out the new AirChair and umbrella so I should share a review with you all. Since I knew I love the snap baskets they make, I had a hunch these new items would be pretty amazing too. Guess what? I was right!

I should tell you all that on a daily basis I use my collapsable snap basket and cooler. They fold up in seconds into a shape that takes up minimal space. Every time I go to the grocery store I pop them open and put all my groceries in them so I can easily bring everything into the house. It also minimizes groceries rolling all around the car. The cooler is great for all the cold items so they don’t get too hot in my car. That summer sun is a killer!

Beyond the car I use the snap cooler and basket, in the yard, at the pool and beach.  When we recently went on a road trip I used the cooler to hold drinks and cut up fruit. Along with other items that needed to stay cool. I used the snap basket to hold items I may need easy access for such as wipes, crackers and car entertainment for Izzy.

Some newer and super fun items they also carry is the Quickfill AirChair. It takes seconds to fill and then boom, you have a comfy lounger. We enjoyed these chairs at the beach, on our patio and even in the yard.

The QuadraBrella is another product I love. I hate handing umbrellas at the beach because it’s so windy. This umbrella has wind vents for air flow. This means I didn’t struggle with the umbrella trying to rip our of the ground and fly away! You can lay the umbrella on it’s side or stand it straight up (it comes with anchors if needed). As you can see, the height is also adjustable. Beyond the beach, we have been loving it at home in the yard.

I love that we no longer have to chase the shade. I can create some right on out back patio and move Izzy’s water table, easel or anything to be under the shade when I think she’s had enough sun.

So as you can see, my obsession with CleverMade products continues to grow. I encourage you to give some a try. Whether on vacation or at home, we have found a lot of use from our CleverMade products. Have you tried any yet? If so, which ones and do you have any favorites?

XO Eryka


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