Allagash Gift Idea For Dad

Allagash Gift Idea For Dad

I partnered with Allagash to create this Father’s Day content for you. All opinions expressed here are my own.

If you have a beer loving boyfriend, uncle, husband, brother or father with an upcoming birthday, father’s day or you want to give them an awesome just because gift…  this is a super unique and fun idea!

The Curieux beer from Allagash was first brewed in 2014. It’s available year round and super unique in taste. The beer is their Tripel which is aged in bourbon barrels for 7 weeks. Lastly they blend that with some fresh Tripel. What does this create? The Curieux beer is a rich golden ale with smooth notes of coconut, vanilla and a hint of bourbon.

This beer one the Bronze Beer Cup in 2008!

Each Curieux Cribbage Board is created from Jim Beam barrels that were used at Allagash Brewing Company to make Curieux. These barrels go from creating bourbon to beer and on to cribbage boards. Amazing how Allagash and the River Drive Lumber upcycle the wood.

We are huge Allagash fans. I have even been to their brewery in Maine. If you get to Maine or live there you have to check out he brewery and go on a tour.

We love Allagash because of:

The Beer

We love their beer because they always come out with fun seasonal beer. Every beer I have had at Allagash I truly enjoy. Of course I love some more than others, however I never consider any of their beer to be offensive in taste as some craft beers can be. The White and Little Brett I think are my current favorites!

The Employees 

Everyone I have met that works for Allagash at the brewery has been amazing. They are just wonderful people that are creative, kind and giving. Allagash allows employees to give ideas and try creating new beers. They are truly a big family and there is nothing more amazing to see in a company than that.

The Giving

Allagash is a company that gives back. You can learn a bit about it on their webpage. They support non profits all around, not just in Maine. They do however really try to stay active in the Maine community and support as many local people and organizations that positively impact the state of Maine.

XO Eryka

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