Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

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As soon as June hits I’m scrambling to look for the best Father’s Day gifts. My dad, Izzy’s dad, my husband’s dad… I’m over here like… ahhhh! But there are gifts listed below I’m certain you will find are perfect for a Dad in your life.

#1. 100th U.S. Open Championship

You know a Dad that loves golf? I do! My Step Father is the biggest fan. He’s been chatting away about the 2019 U.S. Open Championship. He enjoys golfing himself. Naturally, he finds watching the pros enjoying and making history at golf events because he also finds pleasure in this challenging sport. If you know a golf fanatic this is the ultimate gift because the U.S. Open in Pebble Beach is iconic.

In 2019 the worlds best golfers will be competing for the U.S. Open Trophy at Pebble Beach Golf Links in Pebble Beach California. You never know how long the good tickets will last, so act fast! Just an FYI there are a variety of ticket packages available starting at just $60. You will find the tickets go on sale June 11th 2018.

U.S. Open Golf 2019 #BestGiftEver

#2. MyHeritage DNA test kit

MyHeritage DNA test kit uses leading technology and has had the most affordable price of all leading DNA companies. This can check DNA matches, which means it can confirm family relationships. It also can provide an ethnicity estimate. This allows you to see which portions of your DNA are estimated to originate from each of 42 supported ethnicities. I find this all very fun and exciting! Learning about your past and more about your heritage is such as fun journey. I personally find it exciting to see where you come from.

The DNA Testing Kit Includes: 1 Instruction Manual, 1 Serial Number, Cheek Swab, Vial to put the sample in, 1 Clear plastic bag to hold the vial, Self Addressed envelope for mailing the sample to the lab

My husband is really exited to see his results.

Learn more about DNA testing here.

For free shipping on your kit click here and use the code: BABBLEBOXX1

This kit is on sale for $59 until June 17th

#3. Hanes UltimateTM Men’s Comfort Fit White Crewneck Undershirt & Hanes UltimateTM Men’s Comfort Flex Fit® Ultra Soft Boxer Briefs 

The Men’s Boxer Briefs are made from a soft cotton/modal for all day comfort. If Dad feels good, he’s one step closer to happiness! These Boxer Briefs also feature FreshIQTM advanced odor protection technology. What is that? Well it wicks away moisture.. which we all know, men can appreciate that down there. I haven’t heard a guy complain about being too cool and dry. lol So, safe to say this technology is pretty clutch and must to try. Lastly they feature a no ride-up leg and a super soft and stretchable Comfort Flex® waistband which is thoughtfully tag-free. Hello itch-free comfort! I can attest to the comfort of these Briefs and I’m honestly considering getting some in my size to wear in bed. My husband wants to transition all his underwear to these… that’s how comfortable they are.

The Crewneck Undershirt is also made from a soft cotton/modal blend. Yes it also features some Cool Comfort wicking fabric to keep you cool… which is KEY when layering. Lastly, I love the Lay Flat Collar, which helps the shirt to keep its shape

And for all my people who love to save, use the links above or here (Crewneck Undershirt & Boxer Briefs) when shopping to get 50% off at Hanes.

#4. Ties.com

I’m swooning over this classic and versatile Blue Polka Dot Canary Tie. It’s silk with a standard 3.25″ width. There are so many options for men’s ties on Ties.com so I’m pretty certain you will find the perfect fit for the Dad in your life. My husband on occasion needs a tie. My step dad however needs ties more frequently for his work. Either way this is the perfect Father’s Day gift, because every man needs at least one great tie.

For 15% off your order use code: TIESXBABBLE15

#5. Grady’s Cold Brew – Bean Bag Cold Brew Kit

Have you or has a dad in your life thought of brewing your own cold brew? Grady’s Cold Brew kit is easier than you think with the help of the ultramodern “Pour and Store” Pouch. All you have to do is add water for 36 cups of iced coffee! BOOM! The Bean Bags, which are full of ground coffee beans, chicory, and spices, soak overnight in water. By morning you remove the bags from the pouch. Just discard or compost them. Thanks to that spout you can easily dispense coffee from the fridge. Fun Fact: The coffee stays fresh for two weeks after brewing. Oh and that awesome pouch, it can be rinsed and reused!

My husband said every cold brew he has ever tried was very watered down, but not Grady’s. He’s been loving this and enjoying the ease of pouring his coffee from the spout right from the fridge.

Click here to find out more about this Cold Brew Kit. Save 20% off site wide with the code: BABBLEBOXX20 (Valid until June 30th)

#6. Black Clover Hat

Bed head, sunny days… it doesn’t matter the occasion, my man loves hats. This is why I love having a hat on my Father’s Day gift list. Black Clover Hats feature their distinct clover on the front and their motto “Live Lucky” on the side. This premium headwear is high quality and extremely comfortable, which is a must for lifestyle apparel. The Dad you are gifting a Black Clover Hat to will appreciate these attributes. I personally love how simple the design is.

Click here for more info and use code: lucky15 to save 15% on your order (valid through June 30th)

I hope you found this helpful and more importantly, that you found a little something for every Dad you planned on getting gifts for this year.

XO Eryka


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