My Little Pony Party

My Little Pony Party

Thank you to Party City for sponsoring this post, as always the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Izzy has a few shows she’s obsessed with and My Little Pony was most certainly one. After seeing the movie that came out, for her first theater experience, she was officially hooked. So naturally I started planning her Pony Party.

Everything was to be colorful and pony and themed! I wasn’t sure were to start and was worried I’d end up shopping at a million stores to find it all… then hope they all match. But I found Party City made party shopping super easy!

We found 90% of everything we needed at Party City. We have found over the years I really is a one stop shop for parties. They have balloons to match themes, such as the Pinky Pie balloon shown above.

You can’t count on parents bringing spill proof cups and being a crazy mama I am… I wanted cups that not only matched the theme/decor, but also would keep drinks from being all over my floors. These cups are from silikids. Second best thing about them… they were part of the party gifts! So the cup you pick, you take home. How did parents & kids tell them apart? I put name stickers on each one as the child chose them.

I chose to mix and match  plain and character plates from Party City. I decided to display the silverware in buckets. Party City has everything sectioned by theme and colors so it makes it very easy to find all the items you need in the colors of your theme.

I decided a fun way to make the cupcakes match the theme was to mix and match icing and cupcake baking cups. I picked up the icing dyes and baking cups from Party City. The Little Ponies we found at Target and it was another fun way for the guests to get another party gift. The pony on the cupcake you eat, you get to take home.

For cookies I have a local friend who started cookie business and she can pretty much create something for any theme. She recently started a super fun way for the kids to enjoy the cookies. They are painting cookies! This allowed us to have another activity for the kids to do at the party. It was really cute because some kids have been taught not to eat paint so they were confused why they would eat them.

All of these fun buckets we found at Party City and they happened to be on a special sale that week, wahoo! I filled the buckets with some my little pony goodies also found at Party City. I also added candy and then of course, if I’ms sending home candy… I need to send home toothbrushes right? 

Rock Candy has been something I loved since childhood, so it was a must. Again I found these at Party City and the clear plastic container I displayed them in. I think they are a fun candy that kids can eat at the party or take home in there goody bags.

Izzy’s dress was a custom design. A lot of small shops are willing to create custom designs as long as you give them time to shop for a specific fabric color etc. Izzy said her favorite pony was Apple Jack so I had an Apple Jack inspired dress created for her by Plaingirl. I should also note, the giant balloons are from Party City as well. Tip: Ask to have them not blown up all the way…. or they will be more massive than this! ha!

Have fun creating & if you decide to have a Pony themed party, I hope this was helpful!

XO Eryka


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