Creating A Quaint Farmhouse Chic Office Space

Creating A Quaint Farmhouse Chic Office Space

Thank you Shop B Darling & Dorel Living for allowing me to try and review your amazing products. As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

I have an office, and up until recently it was a borrowed desk, with no decor or inspiration. Well, we moved things around, including my desk in a new room and removed the old desk. I found something a bit trendier, feminine and fun! I created a space for me that feels like I’m in my own little world. A place my creative juices can flow. This space came out more gorgeous and comforting than I had hoped.

Finally everything feels organized and my office space isn’t an embarrassing disaster.

So where to start when planning your quaint office space…

First you need to check out desks and decide what style works for you and your space.

I chose this desk from Dorel Living because it looks dainty, had shelving and felt feminine. I also loved the height and simplicity of the desk and stool set. The marble top is even more gorgeous in person. If you are loving it, my desk can be easily purchased at Walmart.

Dorel Living has so many options for office space desks. Get creative guys, I found my desk under the category Dining. It doesn’t have to be a traditional office desk.

Next you need to decide on wallpaper. 

This removable wallpaper is from Shop B Darling. I knew I wanted a wood wall, so I looked over all their options. The chevron design caught my eye and I kept going back to it. I looked at the desk and wall paper and decided they would be a perfect fit. Making the room have a chic farm style feel.

I have to say I have removed wallpaper and it sucks. But this removable wallpaper is so easy to not only apply, but take off. #damagefree I stuck a piece on and could easily peel it back and re stick to the wall. Honestly it was easier than dealing with decals I’ve used in the past from other companies. 

Lastly it’s decor time!

I looked around my house and took a trip to Target to find all these decor items. As I looked for items I thought about the color & style to decide if it stayed with the theme. The plants added a touch of nature and a pop of color. Bonus, they are fake so I don’t have to worry about keeping them alive.

I’m on social media all the time, being a blogger sooo… of course I needed a hashtag.

All you need is a small space to create a little office area, have fun creating!

XO Eryka

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