Bonding Bath Time Routine With Daddy

Bonding Bath Time Routine With Daddy



In our home we try to utilize time as best as we can. I’ve always worked from home with Izzy so I’m with her all day. Her daddy is either stuck in his office all day at home or drives to the office for work. Once he’s done working Izzy is overjoyed to see him and spend time with him.  After dinner Izzy knows the next thing is her tubby. She drags her daddy up for some special one on one time.

As a couple we didn’t really discuss it, this routine just fell into place and it’s been the best unplanned routine we ever fell into. Joe and Izzy enjoy quality time together, while I run around the house dealing with laundry, getting a few minutes to work in peace or cleaning up the kitchen from dinner.

Izzy is a total water baby and just loves the tubby!

These two get pretty silly and they come up with the most unique games and activities to play after Izzy get’s washed clean. I always hear lots of laughing and talking coming from the bathroom. It honestly makes my heart smile writing about it right now. Does your significant other come up with completely different ways of playing than you?

Both Joe and I are very particular about what we wash Izzy with because she has sensitive skin. On top of that she gets little dry patches from time to time as well. Izzy has had eczema for as long as I can remember. Dove created baby skin care that restores essential moisture, which Izzy’s skin needs. That’s why we use the baby Dove wash and lotion.

After bath Izzy gets lathered in baby Dove lotion, especially on any dry/trouble spots of skin.

This is a little peek into my life and part of out nighttime routine. I love capturing these special moments between this daddy and his little girl. Who is in charge of bath time at your house?

Take a look at the Baby dove page for some coupons, samples & tips and let know what you think of adding baby Dove to your little one’s routine.

XO Eryka


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