10 Photo Gifts Your Family Will Love

10 Photo Gifts Your Family Will Love

Thank you Shutterfly for sponsoring this post; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Being that I’m a blogger and take a billion photos of Izzy daily, it’s safe to say I’m photo obsessed! I have them all organized in folders on an external hard drive and pull them for many gifts.

1. Holiday Cards

Whether it’s for your holiday celebration or for the new year it’s so fun to send out a card for family and friends to receive. I personally love hanging them up in our house! There are many options with Shutterfly to create gorgeous and custom cards.

2. Framed Canvases

Everyone has different taste and there are lot of people who loved framed canvases. Shutterfly creates beautiful framed canvases. When I opened up ours up I was wowed by the quality and sharpness of the photo in canvas form. Izzy liked seeing herself too.

3. Ornaments

Every year my mom and I both order from Shutterfly. We love creating ornaments to capture the year to year shots of Izzy with Santa or us as a family. It’s a beautiful way to look at memories year to year when decorating the tree.

4. Framed Prints

Being a lover of photo taking, I of course love the gift of large prints for family to hang in their homes. Not to mention a gift for myself. hehe

5. Calendars

This is a perfect gift for those who are desk bound during the work week. Izzy’s daddy gets to work from home 3 days a week, but she’s stuck as his desk. So I thought this would be the perfect gift for him. He can see Izzy month to month when peeking at the calendar.

6. Pillows

I love the idea of pillows with photos for family members or friends. Just like blankets, which I share below, it’s great for those who are photo fanatics and even family that’s far away.

7. Blankets

8. Cups or Mugs

Know any coffee or tea drinkers? Well, this is a fun way to personalize a gift for the caffeine lover in your life.

9. Playing Cards

10. Candles

If you are a photo lover like me then giving the gifts of captured memories really is the way to go. I hope I gave you some good ideas.

Have fun creating photo gifts!

XO Eryka

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