Capturing Original Holiday Pictures Of Your Kid(s)

Capturing Original Holiday Pictures Of Your Kid(s)

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of OshKosh B’gosh; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

The holiday season is so magical! I love seeing everything decorated at shopping centers and decorating my home. One of my favorite things to do is take pictures of Izzy. Surprise!

A big hobby of mine use to be painting and crafting. Now my artsy side has moved into photography since it involves my child and has allowed me to capture amazing moments of Izzy and her full personality. If you want to capture some original images of your kids this holiday season beyond the typical and in front of the tree with your dress/suspenders.

1. Pick A Location Outside

Natural lighting is amazing and captures so much more beautifully than bulbs in a building. At home I can turn the lights off and use natural lighting. In a building you can’t ask people to turn the lights off so you can utilize the natural lighting.  

When thinking of a location, pick one with lots of different scenery and backgrounds. Whether it’s fun store front walls or festive decor. Also go during the time of day that is least busy and has the lighting you need for your camera or phone. If I was shooting with my phone I would need a lot of lighting. When I shoot with my camera I don’t want direct sunlight hitting Izzy. You know your gear, just keep that in mind.

2. Bring A Couple Outfits/Layers

All of Izzy’s clothes and accessories captured are from OshKosh B’gosh. I love this company because my mom dressed me in Oshkosh as a child and I even dressed Izzy in some of my clothes that my mom saved.

Shopping tips:

Snag some bright colors that will really stand out and make your child the focus. I had no problem finding all we needed at Oshkosh for the Holidays.

Comfort is key! If you want your kid to be and look happy in the photos they need to be comfortable so think about that when you are picking outfits. Izzy’s Oshkosh blouse, although looks dressy, was super comfortable.

Bring layers! Not only does this allow for weather changes but it ads to different looks when photographing.

3. Get Fun With Accessories

These accessories are all from OshKosh B’gosh and they all make me swoon! Accessories can add a little extra character to a photo. I mean these antlers… I can’t even handle the cuteness. Not to mention these can be uses year after year. The wings also are great for dress up after photos are over.

4. Edit Your Photos With Filters

Have fun with different filters/presets. Try out a bunch and make prints of your favorites. Photos are perfect holiday gifts & of course, great for your holiday cards. If you forgot about Christmas cards you can send out New Years cards.

5. Get Creative, Add Layers

When editing photos I recently got into adding layers. It’s a fun way to get even more creative with photos. It wasn’t snowing the day we shot the phots, but because we were going to Maine soon after I took them I imagined snow. Check out the blizzard around Izzy. If you like getting creative, this is a great way to reach your creativity with photography.



6. Keep Your Kid(s) Happy

Lastly but most certainly not least important… keep your kid(s) happy. Be silly, ask them to do a favorite dance move or play a game of red light, green light. You don’t want taking pictures to feel like work. I also bring special treats if there are a few more shots I need of Izzy and she’s decided to be difficult. lol I mean she’s a toddler. So bottom line, keep it cheery & fun.

I hope this was helpful and you have a fun time photographing your kid(s).

XO Eryka

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