Car Seat Safety Check

Car Seat Safety Check

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Per the CDC, in 2015 , restraint use (proper use of car seats & boosters) saved the lives of 266 children ages 4 years and younger. To reduce the risk of death in car crashes by 71% for infants and 54% for toddlers ages 1 to 4 it’s important to use proper restraint in the car. Just because your child is buckled into a carseat it doesn’t mean you have them buckled correctly or have the car seat installed properly.

If you click on videos and reviews at you will find the option to review their information on car seat checks. There you will find videos and images to help you better understand how to use the latch system in your car or the car you are looking to buy. You will also see based on your carseat: latch, infant, rear facing etc what grade they get i.e. A, B, C. (A being the best type of car seat for that car.)

When you are checking out new cars, head to for extra tips and support in your purchase. After all keeping our children safe is number one when looking for a car, right?

Want to know what I learned? Did you know with the latch system anchors there is a weight limit of 65 pounds? This includes the weight of the child and the weight of the seat itself. There is a lot to know, go educate yourself and be sure you are securing them in the car correctly.

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