Momiform & Layers with Cuddlduds

Momiform & Layers with Cuddlduds



I love my Momiform! Typically it consists of comfort, cuteness and layers. Really though, I like to look put together… but also feel comfortable. After all I am chasing a toddler around, playing with her, cooking dinner, grocery shopping, decorating the house for holidays, caring for the dog… the list goes on.

I need clothes I can be flexible in so I can get a million things done in a small amount of time (or join in on a lot of activities with my toddler).

Cuddl Duds created clothes that are great for being active, running errands, being a mommy and being prepared for different temperatures. Bring on the layers.

I LOVE layering, which is one of the reasons I love the fall and winter so much!

Even in the summer, I’m the weirdo that carries around  jacket incase the store or restaurant has the AC pumping too much. If you love comfort, layering and feeling confident, I’m sharing my Cuddl Duds fashions below which you can shop at Kohls.

What Am I Wearing?

Black Double Plush Velour Leggings, size s | Dark Plum Soft Wear With Stretch Long Sleeve Cowl Tunic, size s | Animal Fleece Wear With Stretch Long Sleeve Wrap, size s/m

Also I don’t want you to miss that from 10/27 – 11/7 you get $10 off when you spend $40 or more at Kohls.

Happy Shopping Guys!

XO Eryka

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