Tips For A Happy Toddler Car Ride & Reducing Stress For Parents

Tips For A Happy Toddler Car Ride & Reducing Stress For Parents



Toddlers are a handful! My toddler has never been the biggest fan of the car. So she’s even more of a handful in the car. I have however gained some mommy knowledge from experience with my strong willed and busy child. Because guys, hearing my toddler fuss in the car is the worst. Raise your hand if that puts your stress level up to an all time high?

Tips For A Happy Toddler Car Ride & Reducing Stress For Parents

1. Safety first!
Knowing my child is safe is one of the best ways to reduce my stress.

So before I even put her in the car thinking about carseats is a big decision. Graco is the largest manufacturer, for a reason! Not to mention, each of Graco’s car seats are rigorously tested so that they exceed, or at the very least meet, US FMVSS safety standards! Another plus, Graco carseats are super affordable, but that doesn’t affect the quality. Getting ours from Walmart with the free 2 day shipping was an amazing perk.

We got our carseat from I chose the Graco SLIMFIT so we would have more space in our smaller car’s backseat. Walmart has 2 day delivery or you can chose in store pick up, so it’s easy and fast.

Are you educated on carseat safety? If not, do me a favor… read about it. It’s important to know how to best strap your child in so the carseat and straps are being used correctly. 

2. Comfort
If you are comfortable, you are less likely to complain. FACT! Comfort is key so think about your child and their needs. In the summer or for long car rides I take off Izzy’s shoes. I also make sure she always has water in case she’s thirsty. Obviously we thought about comfort when choosing her carseat as well. Izzy told me,  “Oh this is the comfiest ever!” Heart melted, need I say more?

3. Entertainment
Keeping your toddler entertained is key to a successful and tear free car ride. I always keep a bag of toys in the diaper bag, allow her to bring a small toy/stuffed animal in to the car with her and I have her tablet charged and ready for the car at all times. I download movies, shows and have educational apps for her.

4. Keep your toddler(s) belly happy.
I have a shirt that actually says, “keeper of snacks.” I laughed when I saw it, because it’s so freaking true. Keep snacks and a drink in the car. For Izzy before we get in the car I let her pick out two snacks and I make a mix of her snacks in a little snack container. This is also when having a cup holder comes in handy. Izzy’s new Graco Slimfit carseat has 2 optional cupholders. This allows me to put toys in one and a drink in the other.

Happy Car Rides!

XO Eryka

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