Picky Eating Tips & Fall Inspired Bento Box Ideas

Picky Eating Tips & Fall Inspired Bento Box Ideas

I received this Bento Box from Stuck On You & decided to share it with you all and how we have been using it.

Being a chef to a toddler has proven to be a difficult thing.

Izzy ate EVERYTHING as a baby (except avocados, she hated them). As she grew into a toddler her taste changed and she became picky, so I had to get smarter.

I’ve always been crafty, I love art and creating things. So naturally I took this strength of mine and put it towards food for Izzy.

I made fruit and veggie pops & chocolate hazelnut “fudgsicles”. I also create smoothies in the morning with veggies and fruit. I talk positively about vegetables and foods I’d like her to try.

Making mealtime fun is important. I never force Izzy to eat or try anything. She does get a lot of attention and praise for trying foods. I always give her a tiny bit of what we are eating on her plate and ALWAYS give small portions. Large amounts of food and be overstimulating, remember, you can always give them more food. We do this thing, where I tell her to stick out her snake tongue and see if she likes it. So like a snake she sticks her tongue out and tries the food. If her tongue likes it, she then knows she can try to chew it and see if it’s crunchy, chewy or mushy. “Oh I’m going to try mine, oooh it’s crunchy. Is yours chewy or crunchy?” If she has it I her mouth and doesn’t like it, I’ve made it clear to her that she can spit it into her napkin.

For lunchtime I wanted to get creative, especially if we were on the go. The personalized bento boxes from Stuck On You are really a fun way to give lunch, even if you are at home. We have picnics (again making food a positive experience). Izzy gets to sit in a little chair and I use a basket to be her table. Then she gets to pick a favorite show to watch. It’s a special lunch idea that we do at least 1 time a week.

Fall Inspired Bento Box

1. I like to cut bread or sandwiches with a cookie cutter with a theme. For September and October I’ll be using fall themed cutters. Shown above, I used a ghost, then created a mouth and eyes with peanut butter. 

2. I cut Izzy’s carrots into leaves, I’ve also seen people make pumpkins on Pinterest.

3. Slice fruit to create fall fun as well. Izzy is obsessed with jack o lanterns so I cut her apple into one.

When food is fun, your child is more likely to give it a try and trying gets them one step closer to eating.

XO Eryka

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