Guest Post- Stang & Co

Guest Post- Stang & Co

When I started blogging I had no idea that I would be meeting so many wonderful women. I have found a tribe of uplifting and encouraging women on my journey as a blogger. Today I’m sharing a guest post of gorgeous Mackensey, a sweet boy mama of 2 little guys. Oh and she’s a wine lover just like me! You will find captures of family, motherhood and fashion on her Instagram. If  you want to read more from Mackensey check out her blog here.

Guest Post – Stang & Co

Things I Never Want To Forget

As a mother, I have experienced more emotions and stages in the past three years than in my entire life leading up to it. Some days are a whirlwind, and from the time my alarm clock goes off in the morning until we finally get the kiddos to bed, I am on autopilot, going through the motions of another day. Being a mama of little ones is a hard job. But, in all of that difficulty, all of those early morning wake up calls and bedtime battles, is more sweetness and magic than I knew existed. While I spend some days counting down the clock, I know all too well that, much sooner than I would like, I will be willing the clock to turn back. There are little things in every stage of life that are fleeting, that we don’t realize we will miss until they are gone.

Some things I never want to forget..

The way that Lincoln silently plays in his crib in the morning. Unlike his older brother, he doesn’t often cry to be let out. Many mornings, I am able to sneak upstairs, open his door, and the second he hears me, he sits right up with his back against the wall, and smiles his little pacifier filled smirk and I just melt.

The way Lincoln looks as a new walker. This past month he has really graduated to a full blown, steady walker, and has even attempted running a time or two (Lord, help me!) Watching his little booty walk down the hall in a diaper and those chunky thighs just about does me in.

The things that Jackson says. Oh my goodness, the things that he says. His entire vocabulary is just precious. I find myself listening to his sweet little voice and willing myself to remember exactly how it sounds. Lately, he loves to announce his opinion on anything and everything. This morning, I wore a pair of shoes that haven’t gotten any use yet this year, and he immediately noticed and declared ‘mommy get dose shoes at the store. Oh, me wike them. Those shoes so beautiful!’ I mean, practically crying as I type this.

Jackson telling us he loves us. He has started doing it unprompted, and it is just the sweetest. One of those things as a parent that, in the throes of the baby days, you don’t think you will every get to. And yet here we are, with an almost three year old who loves to tell us every last thought.

The way my boys fight. Not that I want to remember this because I enjoy it, but I hope I can one day look back and know that it was all worth it. They butt heads, and then I will turn around and find them giggling and playing so sweetly together. They are total opposites, but I love watching them be brothers.

When Jackson doesn’t want to do something, or doesn’t want someone else to do something, he says ‘think me not’ or ‘think them not’. And it is just my favorite.

Also, that Jackson declares his like/love of everything. He met his newest cousin last week, and laid his hand on him and announced ‘me wike this guy’. He will tell me that he loves food, inanimate objects, you name it. But gosh I love how proud he is when he tells me!

I want to remember this stage in our marriage. These past few years were tough. We brought home two babies. I went to graduate school. Mike started a new job with a rough commute. We built a new home. There has been very little time in the mix for us to focus on our marriage and each other, but we are finally getting over that hump and feel more and more like the couple we used to be, before the craziness of life got involved.

The beauty in our seasons. I have never really like or appreciated the weather we have, but this year, experiencing the new weather, a cool breeze on my face, the sight of my boys playing in the pool on a hot summer day, has all felt new and magical. I may complain about it a lot (I’m talking to you, January through March), but really, there is a lot of magic in this place that we live.I want to remember how much fun this summer has been. We have spent many lazy weekends letting the boys splash in the pool, grilling out with family, playing yard games, and just soaking up this phase in life. When I look back on the summer of 2017, I want to remember that it was a good one.

I hope you all enjoyed my guest blogger!

XO Eryka

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