14 Things I Didn’t Know About Being A Mom Until I Became One

14 Things I Didn’t Know About Being A Mom Until I Became One

Special thank you to Banky Girl Creations for collaborating with me & for the gifted mom gear.

1. Recovery from birth may be more traumatizing than the actual birth.

Am I right? And maybe it’s more traumatizing because no one warns you!!! Everyone says how bath the birth is going to be.. no one talks about your tore up stomach or vag and how that’s going to feel for weeks. I’m getting anxious thinking about those squirt bottles for everytime you pee and all the damn laxatives just to poop again. Beyond the physical recovery… let’s talk about the mental recovery. Post part depression is real, scary and you must know you are not alone. It’s actually “normal” to feel overwhelmed and upset. That doesn’t mean you need to suffer. Ask for support and talk to your dr, a friend or spouse about how you are feeling.

2. Babies can not only shoot pee at you, but also poop.

When Isabella was a tiny newborn I changed her diaper in the night before a feeding and just as I went to cover her with a fresh diaper she legit shot poop out of her tiny little booty at me! It was all over my arms… so gross. Man I thought I was in the clear having a girl… nope.

3. Baby/Toddler wearing is your friend.

It’s not just something “crunchy” moms do. That’s a dumb stereotype. If your baby likes it, all moms should do it! Can you say multitasking! I would breastfed Izzy and cook dinner at the same time, thanks to my baby carrier.

4. You will become the master of multitasking, or at least try.

I remember eating, while nursing Izzy and food just dropping on her head. lol Mama’s gotta eat!

5. Going to the grocery store … or ANY store alone is a damn vacation!

Target, grocery store, pet store to grab dog food. I don’t care, it’s going to feel damn good to get out alone. Take your time and enjoy those moments. lol

6. Wine will become your best friend.

Do I need to say more?

Wine glass from Banky Girl Creations

7. Toddlers need lots and lots of snacks!

Remember when your baby ate all that baby food and then you did baby led weaning or whatever and your kid was such a great eater. BYE! Once your child becomes a toddler all they want are snacks. Goodbye to the days of your kid eating all their veggies!

“Keeper of Snacks” T-Shirt from Banky Girl Creations

8. House work… what’s that? 

Remember how tidy your house was before you had a baby, ya kiss that goodbye. When you get a break the last thing you will want to do is clean up. Not to mention, if you are a working at home mommy like me… you will most likely be utilizing every spare second to work.

“Currently Avoiding Housework”tank from Banky Girl Creations

9. Things you said before you had a kid will bite you in the ass.

Remember that time you said your kid would never do that… they will. Okay, maybe not all the things you witnessed, but at least one of them will! lol

10. You will likely lose yourself early on.

But it’s okay we all find our way back to fun tops and makeup (on date night). On a serious note, I was so overwhelmed and so into making sure my baby was okay and then going back to work by the time Izzy was 8 weeks, I didn’t have time for myself. I use to paint and shop and have a lot of time for myself. That was gone and will be gone forever. Adjusting to this new life, that’s normal. It takes you time to find that balance again and figure out the new you.

11. Love for your spouse will grow as you watch your child(ren) bond with them.

I must say I love my husband more and more watching him with our daughter.

12. You will also have times you want to rip your spouses head off.

Hey emotions with kids run high. The stress of having a child is no joke. Make sure you find time together so you can connect and talk about things.

13. You will never be a perfect mom.

There is no such thing. You can strive to do your best as a mother for your child and that’s all they need. Give them love, feed them & maybe attempt a Pinterest activity together. haha

14. Mama bear is a real thing.

You have never felt emotions like you will when someone messes with your kid.

XO Eryka

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