On The Go Plant Based Protein Snacks for Baby + Toddler

Izzy is a big snacker. She didn’t get the nickname Busy Little Izzy for nothing. She’s constantly moving (burning calories) and therefore constantly hungry! I can’t leave the house without having snacks on hand and that’s a fact. Maybe it should even be mommy rule #1. Don’t leave the house without snacks.

Being a working at home mommy, I’m super busy and Izzy is with me ALL THE TIME.

Whether we are driving or running errands She’s mostly likely going to want a snack and I want her eating products that are protein packed and more often than not I try to give her organic food.

Sprout® came out with brand new products that are just what we need. Protein packed and perfect for busy parents on the go. I had to share because this is a company that does their very best to transparent with us as consumers.

If you don’t already know about Sprout®, they provide premium organic foods & snacks for babies and toddlers. The use only USDA certified organic, non-GMO ingredients which include a mix of whole fruits, vegetables and grains.

Also Sprout® does not use any artificial ingredients or preservatives, fillers, or thickeners! #momwin

This means if the container states Carrot, Apple, Banana on the front, then those will be the same primary ingredients you will find listed on the back.

Sprout’s Stage 3 Baby Food Purees and Power Pak Toddler Purees deliver protein through plants. Yes, plant protein! They act as a healthy alternative to the typical meat and dairy-based protein families may eat.

Sprout’s Organic Curlz baked toddler snacks are made from chickpeas and lentils. Izzy is pretty obsessed with them and I feel good about giving them to her.

Educate yourself further on Sprout’s products here and also snag some discounts and deals so you can try them!

XO Eryka

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  1. Jacki says:

    The Curlz are our favorites!

    1. busylittleizzy says:

      Izzy’s obsessed

  2. This seems like a really great healthy option!

    1. busylittleizzy says:

      Izzy’s loving them

  3. Angel says:

    I’ve never heard of these. We will have to check them out

    1. busylittleizzy says:

      ?? they are amazing def snag a discount from the link on the blog

  4. Jessica says:

    Oooh! We haven’t tried this brand yet, but now we’re definitely going to!

    1. busylittleizzy says:

      It’s been so easy for us when we are quick out the door

  5. nbanuelosblog says:

    Yummmm the whole household enjoyed those white cheddar curlz!

    1. busylittleizzy says:

      Right? So yummy

  6. Oh these look perfect for pool side snacks. Is sawyer too old for them? He’s almost 3! (Also, how did that happen?)

    1. busylittleizzy says:

      No he’s def not too old! He would love them

  7. Evelyn loves this brand! Henry is always trying to steal her snacks, lol!

    1. busylittleizzy says:

      Bahaha! Kids know good food

  8. Jenna says:

    These products are great, I especially need to try that pouch!

    1. busylittleizzy says:

      Izzy loves them all

  9. Jenna says:

    We really need to try those pouches, so awesome!

    1. busylittleizzy says:

      Yes they are so easy for on the go

  10. Jessica says:

    I’m always looking for ways to get my kids to eat more protein, so we’ll have to try these!

    1. busylittleizzy says:

      They have been amazing for on the go

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