How Parents Can Stay Active & Fit During The Summer… with their kid(s)

How Parents Can Stay Active & Fit During The Summer… with their kid(s)

Thank you to Delta Children for gifting this jogger and collaborating with me. As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Having a child changes your life in so many ways. Ways you may not have thought it could change. For example, you probably didn’t realize how little you would get time to yourself for simple things, like going for a run or going pee. Because Izzy is with me all day, everyday (we do not have childcare) I don’t get a break unless she’s in her bedroom sleeping. Unless my husband happens to be working from home I obviously can’t go anywhere.

Getting in the gym has been difficult. Getting up early in the morning before the house wakes up dwindled. Now that the weather is getting warm I’m looking for activities to keep myself active and healthy. I want Izzy to see healthy choices and learn the importance of caring for her body.

So here are some ways you and your busy self can stay fit while caring for your kiddos.

1. Swimming

Not always easy to do with kids, however if they are in their floats you can tread water for exercise. Also swimming with Izzy while holding a kick board works great. Her favorite of all, last summer, was jumping in the pool. I would catch her and then help her climb out. This was a great arm workout. If your kids are playing on the steps of your pool you can hold onto the stairs and kick your legs for a little cardio too. So, there really are ways to work on your fitness with your kiddo(s) at the pool.

2. Run/Jogging Stroller

I’ve always loved running. Weird to some maybe. For me running is a mental escape. I would turn on my headphones and just go! I could push hard through anything bothering me and completely exhaust my anxiety. Up until very recently Izzy has hated the stroller. I know, unheard of right? Someone tell me your baby was the same. She ALWAYS wanted to be held. It’s honestly a miracle she walked at 9 months.

So now that I’m not running solo and running with a baby carrier isn’t ideal… lol I have a jogger.

What jogger am I using and LOVING?

The J is for JEEP® Brand Adventure All-Terrian Jogger Stroller.

It’s super lightweight and easy to maneuver. I easily go over bumps or sidewalk edges with it. It’s a smooth ride for Izzy and she loves that the tray is easy for her to reach. Not all stroller trays are easy for her, this one is perfect.

I really like that I can put my phone and water up in the top console. Also this stroller’s all-terrain rubber tires are filled with air making it easy to maneuver on and off-road. The front swivel wheel can also swivel lock to help with straight and stable movement when walking fast or jogging. The handle also comes with a safety tether that you can attach to either wrist.

Storage & Portable? The stroller folds very quickly and compactly. You can also remove the back tires and stow them away.

Okay best of all, this stroller is super affordable guys and that is key… because kids are expensive and so it all their “stuff”.

How do I keep Izzy content? Typically I bring a snack, water cup and her iPad. She starts just watching the scenery and eating. Once she seems to get a little wiggly I introduce the iPad. Busy little Izzy didn’t get her nickname for just any reason. She likes to be busy, always. The basket is large on our jogger so I can easily store all the items we need for a run, backup diaper and wipes included. lol

3. The Park/Playground

Izzy loves going to the playground, even if it’s the one in our neighborhood. I go up the equipment with her and down the slide, I chase her all around. Guys it’s a workout, but a fun one and I’m engaging and building memories with my child as I do this too.

Alright guys, get outside and work on your fitness. You can do it! Set an example for your kid(s).

XO Eryka

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