Creating A Perfect Playroom

Creating A Perfect Playroom

Thank you to the shops listed  below for sending gorgeous products to try, that I loved so much, I had to review.  As always the opinions expressed  here are 100% my own.

Being a birth through five education major I find play VERY important for learning. I feel really lucky we have enough space in our home to have a dedicated playroom. If you don’t, find a room that doesn’t get used as often like (a guest room) that can double as a playroom.

I’ve been obsessed with pastels for Izzy every since my baby shower. The pastel love continued for her first birthday and the again for her second birthday the pastel art themed party.

Okay so enough talking, here it is! Izzy’s pastel playroom.

The cutest kitchen I ever did see! Teamson Kids makes some seriously adorable products for your child’s bedroom and playroom. This retro kitchen had me super giddy! A farm style sink, “copper” fixtures and more. Izzy has a blast playing with her new kitchen.

I got the pink and grey baskets from Target in the dollar section… score! The adorable storage cubby holding the sweet little baskets is from Teamson Kids. Along with the most precious dress up unit I’ve ever seen! All of the furniture comes assembly required. But guys, if I can put it together… you can too!

Eyeing that wooden camera above and the adorable ice-cream hooks below? Those darling goodies are from Olive and Papaya. Save 15% (until May 1st) with code: IZZY

Sticking to my pastel theme I saw these clouds placemats form Olive and Papaya and needed them. I love they easily wipe down after Izzy does crafts, art and clay. Not to mention, they are just adorable to look at.

See those buckets, they are form Izzy’s art themed birthday party. I spray painted them purple and pink and kept them around after the party for holding toys in the playroom. I keep her wooden/magnetic “paper dolls” in one can and other small toys of hers in the other. She knows where they are and puts them back when she’s done.

Teepee love! If you saw my Darling Toddler Toys post then you have seen this beauty before. Francie and Co makes the most darling handmade and personalized teepees! I told her the colors that I wanted for Izzy’s playroom and let her surprise me. She sure delivered, I mean that precious little window!

A playroom is meant for potential destruction which is why I love Lorena Canal products! We have a rug if theirs in Izzy’s bedroom so I already knew I loved it and would want one for the playroom as well. These rugs can go in the washer and dryer! Yes you read that correctly. They are making more products than rugs though. Washable cushions (like the star pillow we have), blankets and baskets can also be found at Lorena Canals.

Last but not least… Izzy’s book area. Need that canopy? It’s from one of our favorite shops I’ve listed already, Olive and Papaya. The big, soft and super durable pillows are from FloorBloom.

Playroom tips:

1. Organize: Give everything a “home”. If you have a bin, bucket, basket or drawer for each type of toy your child will soon learn where to find things and where to put them away. Teaching your child the responsibility of cleaning up and taking care of their things is very important.

2. Pick a theme: Whether you are sticking with a color scheme like I did or just picking a subject or place (like a forest), it’s important to decorate with some theme in mind so the room flows. I like keeping everything simple so it’s not overwhelming to the eye.

3. Think Dramatic Play:  Dramatic play is an extremely important play skill for children. They can act out thoughts, feelings and things they have witnessed (such as cooking at the stove). I can’t wait to fill up Izzy’s dress up unit with a Dr jacket, chef coat and more.

4. Comfort is key: Pick soft and comfortable rugs, pillows, baskets and furniture so you and your kid(s) are comfortable while playing, reading and learning.

5. Art: Although we have gorgeous art going up soon on the walls, Izzy’s artwork will always be on the walls in her playroom. It brings her a sense of pride seeing her canvas paintings and since before she spoke well she would point up to her art. I want her to know what she creates is beautiful and art is for expression and fun. Consider even framing drawn photos or water colored pictures created by your children for the walls.

Have fun decorating friends!

XO Eryka

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