Darling Toddler Toys

Darling Toddler Toys

The shops below sent product for review, as always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. This post also contains some affiliate thinks which can bring a small profit. That profit helps keep this blog running.

I love teaching Izzy, but in order to teach her I need a fun environment and play is so key for children to learn. I’ve rounded up some of the most adorable shops and I’m sharing the toys we have from them.

Izzy’s playroom is bright and full of pastels. So when I’m looking for toys I try to stick with that theme. First up on the list, blocks.

1. Strictly Briks

Blocks can be used for so many learning experiences. You are working on physical development when building. However when you start getting creative about what you build and how you strengthening language, cognitive and creative development as well. Izzy lays out the large pieces to create a “balance beam” or “beam” as she calls it. Then once she’s done walking her beam we create towers or homes for her other toys.

2. Tender Leaf Toys -Mentari

Wood toys galore over at Tender Leaf Toys. I’m pretty obsessed with Izzy’s newest sets from them. Her blender and cupcake set are great for language, physical, cognitive and social and emotional development. Socially? How? We talk about sharing, taking turns, saying, “thank you”. I love the blender because we can talk about the fruits and how she is making smoothies like mommy does. We talk about how the foods are good for her body and help her have energy to play and grow.

3. Olive and Papaya

Say Cheese! Izzy is in love with her wooden camera from Olive and Papaya. Nothing better than a quality wooden toy. I take so many pictures of Izzy it only makes sense she has one to pretend with. We work on language and cognitive development with it. When she takes a picture I ask her what she is taking a picture of or label something for her to find and get a picture of. We can work on shapes or colors if I ask her to go find a specific color to take a picture of. “Find something purple.”

4. Francie and Co

The most gorgeous teepees Ive ever seen are from Francie and Co. So beyond that fact that they are crafted in the most beautiful way these teepees are great for pretend play, language development, gross motor skills and more. For an extra sensory experience I pull soft balls, used for ball pits, inside. Also as Izzy comes in and out of her teepee we work on positional words such as “in” and “out” Socially she loves to peak out the window on the side and say, “hi mommy.”

Happy Playtime Friends!

Xo Eryka

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