Working At Home Mom – How I Get The Most Out Of My Day

Working At Home Mom – How I Get The Most Out Of My Day

So being a mom is tough. By the time my maternity leave ended I was just barely mastering cooking meals while nursing Izzy in her carrier. That’s some serious multitasking guys! Then add a job to motherhood. I was petrified and so not ready to add something else to my plate. Let me tell you what I have learned about how to best manage my time so I can be the most efficient while working and still present with my child.

1. Find A Flexible Job

I know this isn’t always something you can control but it really helps. The full time job I had before was teaching online. I was a special education teacher so I had live classes, IEP meetings, department meetings and trainings! This means stressing over how I’m going to occupy my child so I can focus and be active in the meetings or setting up meetings around her nap time. From that job I took on part time blogging (which never really is part time) and working as a part time related services manager. This job was much more flexible and I was able to work in the morning before Izzy woke up, during nap and then again after she went to bed. Since that company started cutting jobs and me being the last to join the team.. I was cut too. Now I’m a full time hustling blogger.

2. Create A Work Routine

I have a pretty set schedule for my work so I can be more present with Izzy during the day and not think (should I be working). No Eryka, you should be enjoying your child. You wanted to be home with her for a reason! So put down the lap top and give her your attention.

What is my schedule? I typically get up at 5 or 5:30am to go to the gym (which is 3 mins away) and then work from 6/6:30am until Izzy is up.. which can be between 7:15am and 8:00am. Then I take a break to make breakfast for Izzy and I and get us ready for the day. While Izzy watches cartoons and eats breakfast I usually have 30 minutes of time to work on a task. The only kinds of work I try to do during the day with Izzy is taking photos of her or us for the blog. Once she goes down for nap I quick tidy up the house and dive into work. I say everyday I’ll take a nap.. but I always end up working. Izzy recently naps from 2-3 hours (but this changes all the time). Lastly after Izzy goes I bed I sit on the couch, grab a glass of wine and watch shows with my husband while I work.

3. Have A Calendar or Planner

Whether it is on your phone or a paper planner (like me, I’m old school).. you need one! It’s so important to map out your week so you don’t forget anything. I check my planner every night and every morning. I even add personal things to it, like Dr. appointments etc. When I write it down I don’t have to wonder if I forgot something, it’s all on there.. because MOM BRAIN is REAL!

4. Surround Yourself With Positive People

You will find friends that are kind, loving, helpful and hopeful- make time for them and hold onto them.
Positive energy is so important for you when you are busy and have a lot going on.  It takes a lot out of you being a mom, adding in a job to mix really can be stressful. There will also be friends who are negative, whine a lot, gossip about you and other friends private conversations to you.

My step dad told me: “Today me, tomorrow you.”

Make sense, today they are telling me all about you so tomorrow they will be gossiping about my deep secrets to you. Kinda a shitty feeling, right? You are too busy and do not need time for that negative energy!

I hope these tips are helpful & guide you to a successful career in being a mommy and whatever else you decide to do.

XO Eryka

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