5 Easy Ways To Start Reducing Your Carbon Footprint & DIY Sensory Bottles

5 Easy Ways To Start Reducing Your Carbon Footprint & DIY Sensory Bottles

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In honor of Earth Month I wanted to share with you all some ways to reduce your carbon footprint. It’s also important to find ways to be more natural and intentional about the brands we use too! Sharing a brand I love, that is from my home state and some tips for you around the house.

1. Lighting

Turn off lights you’re not using as you leave the room. Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact flourescent or LED ones.

2. Thermostat

Don’t set the thermostat too low or high. If you can, install a programmable model that will turn off or down the heat/air conditioning when you’re not home. When Joe and I both worked out of the home we would set the AC to not blast while we were away. We still have our AC and heat reduced during the day, even if we are home.

3. Insulate & Seal

It’s important to reduce drafts and air leaks. You can do so with caulk, insulation, and weather stripping. If you aren’t “handy” hire someone to come take a look. Also, did you know many states offer programs and incentives for creating a greener home? At one point getting new windows in an older home, we first opened and lived in, was a tax break because we were creating a more efficiently sealed home.

4. Reuse and Recycle

We have a large recycling bin where we put all of our recyclables. Moving soon? Did you know most home improvement places will take back used boxes you bought from them? Reuse jars, such as jam or pickle jars to store items for a craft room. Reuse old water bottles to create sensory bottles for your child. We  don’t buy many plastic water bottles, but they are great to have around just in case. For instance we lost power last night so we luckily were able to stay hydrated in the hot house with our just in case stash! I’m sharing a DIY sensory bottle tutorial below.

5. Products

Buy from companies that reduce, reuse and recycle & actually care about our environment & your health. Being I’m from Maine I’ll share a company right from my home state! Toms of Maine Since 2006 Tom’s of Maine has 100% of the electricity they use at their manufacturing facility has been offset by investing in wind energy credits supplied by Green-e. Also their manufacturing facility and warehouse use sensor-controlled fluorescent energy-saving fixtures. Another reason to love Tom’s of Maine.. drum roll… they recycle toothpaste tubes, cardboard, folding cartons, mixed paper and even challenging items like shrink wrap. Okay but what about their products? Tom’s of Maine believes that the ingredients in your natural care products matter. Our Favorite product by Tom’s of Maine Luminous White™ Toothpaste in Clean Mint which can now be found at Walmart.

My favorite features about the Luminous White™ toothpaste is that it doesn’t hurt my sensitive teeth, it’s safe on Enamel. Also I can feel good about using this product because there are no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. BIG SCORE! Best of all it whitens your teeth & in as little as 2 weeks! How? By removing surface stains vs. regular fluoride toothpaste your teeth get whiter!

Not sure where to look in Walmart for this toothpaste? Head to personal care, I added an image for my visual friends!

DIY Sensory Bottles

1. Collect your water bottle(s) and remove the label.

2. Find fun items to go inside, such as little plastic animals, buttons, sequins, pom poms or glitter.

3. Add glitter glue, craft glue or mineral oil to slow down the items in the bottle and then fill with water.

4. Add glue to the cap and screw on.

5. Let dry and play away! Be sure to always monitor your child with sensory bottles.

*     *     *

Have fun making your sensory bottles and be sure to try some of my tips on reducing your carbon footprint.  Give Tom’s of Maine a try and let me know what you think of their toothpaste and other products. You can earn .75 with the purchase of Tom’s of Maine® Luminous White Toothpaste by clicking here.

XO Eryka

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