Toddler Mealtime Independence

Toddler Mealtime Independence

I received the mentioned products from Nuby for an honest review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

As you all know I’ve been guiding Izzy to be as independent as she can be. Mealtime is such an important time for her to gain skills socially and physically. I’m sharing some tips and products that will help you give your child more independance at the table.

Izzy hasn’t been in a highchair for a while because I like her up at the table with us. This brings us to #1 on my toddler mealtime independence must have.

Nuby Easy Go Booster Seat

I love that Izzy sits at the table with us and she can do so anywhere. This booster is perfect for parents on the go or families that like to travel. It attaches to the chair when in use and folds up to the size of a soft lunchbox when traveling. I also love how it’s discrete in the home when not in use.

Nuby Insulated 360 wonder Cup

Drinking for toddlers should be out of a cup, but I don’t always want to monitor Izzy like a hawk for an accidental spill. This wonder cup will change you and your toddlers life! It gives them a controlled sip from a cup as if they were drinking out of a cup like you and I. Guys it’s leak proof! When I say this is leak proof, I’m not kidding. Izzy figured out how to push the tops top sippys on the floor and make a big mess. It’s been driving my husband and I crazy! This cup doesn’t allow for that! SERIOUS #MOMWIN

Nuby Sure grip Miracle Mat

Why do I love this mat? Well, for starters it’s a cute face where Izzy can have her food divided up. It also has a super suction to most tables. When I say most, think tablecloth.. no that’s obviously not going to work. Also those metal tables some restaurants have outside with all the holes that kind won’t work either.

Have fun helping your toddler become more independant at mealtime so you can get your eat on too!

Head to Babies R Us for all these goodies except for the booster, find that at Walmart.

XO Eryka

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