Teaching The Alphabet

Teaching The Alphabet

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As your child becomes a toddler and gets closer to pre school it’s only natural you think about teaching he alphabet. Isabella has always been interested in the alphabet and recently has blossomed with her letter recognition. I’ve been asked by friends and Instagram followers, “How did you teach her the alphabet?”

So where do you even start?

1. Keep Letter Introduction Fun & Give Meaning

First thing you want to do if start pointing out simple letters throughout the day. guys this is as simple as, we walk into Home Depot and the letters are massive and clear on the building. So point up and say the letters. At the grocery store you may even find yourself pointing out letters on signs or products.

At home we have letter magnets on the fridge for Izzy to play with. I’ll sit with her and say letters as we make a name, “Mom” or “Teddy”. We always talk about things that interest her. This gives the letters some meaning. “I Z Z Y spells Izzy.”

Legacy Learning Academy has a really fun game with the alphabet as well. The Silly Spider Splat, Alphabet Edition is seriously the cutest. I attached Izzy’s spider letters to her Learning Tower and we talk about the different letters and colors. I even say, what color is the “H” spider?

2. Check Letter Recognition

This doesn’t necessarily mean you ask the child, “What letter is this?” Letter recognition is as simple as, point to the “c”. Start simple, give only 2 options and work with 4 letters a week. Add a couple letters weekly or more if you child is soaking it in quickly.

Our Legacy Learning Academy game is really great for this skill. Izzy grabs her bug swatter and smacks the letter I call out.

3. Naming Letters, Upper and Lowercase.

So learning letters isn’t easy, then to think our kids have to learn the lower and uppercase letters, agh.. I know! But guys it’s not too bad. There are many approaches. Some people introduce upper case and then lower. I just introduced all at once. The way Izzy’s mind works I knew it would be best to let her know right away there are two different kinds of letter “A.”

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments.

XO Eryka

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