DIY Holiday Wine Glass with Wente Vineyards

DIY Holiday Wine Glass with Wente Vineyards

DIY crafts can be exciting! You see this pin on Pinterest and you think, oh yeah.. I got this. But in reality, you don’t. All those Pinterest fails are from over complicated directions with too many steps. So for you, I made this really easy. You only need 5 things and the steps are super simple!

DIY Holiday Wine Glass


What will you need?

1. Wine Glass
2. Mod Podge
3. Brush of your choice
4. Glitter 
5. Wine (to enjoy in your glass of course)


When choosing a wine glass I picked one that had a fun saying on it. You can also pick a plain one. 

Also when choosing the Mod Podge I picked one that could go on glass and then was dishwasher safe. So be sure to check for that when choosing your Mod Podge.



Steps For Your Holiday Wine Glass

1. Paint the glass where you want the glitter to stick. I painted in an upward motion so I could sprinkle it on the bottom and have fewer at the top.
2. Sprinkle the glitter onto the glass or dip it into the glitter if you want a lot.
3. Let air dry or dry with a blow dryer.
4. Add one more layer to cover the glitter and let dry.
5. Once dry, fill your glass with Wente wine and enjoy!


Check out the video to watch me creating the wine glass.


Cheers to you! This is such a fun gift for the holidays! Create one for each guest and let them take the glass home as a gift.

Stock up on your Wente Vineyards online so you are ready for the holiday season. You can also get them in store, but who doesn’t like shopping online? It makes life so easy!

I don’t wonder why their Cabernet and other wines won awards! Try them for yourself, they are delish!


Happy Holidays guys!
I hope you enjoy this DIY and snag some Wente to fill your glass with!

XO Eryka

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