Sensory Experience with ZDough and Humble Elephant

Sensory Experience with ZDough and Humble Elephant

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Are you looking for a fun activity to do indoors with your kid(s) now that it’s getting chilly outside? ZDough is a company I have been using products from for a long time now. Humble Elephant I recently came across and I’m so in love with the darling products they create.

ZDough created play dough that is safe for your kids and not edible, but safe for your child to snag a taste of, because… it happens. Please do not encourage eating of the dough.

Humble Elephant makes rolling pins for adults and children. They can be used for baking, painting or in this case play dough.

Starting off Izzy explored the ZDough and her new tools. The ZDough comes in numerous colors and is scented. It’s really fun to help her explore the colors, the scents and feeling of the dough. Guide your child through this exploration by asking or stating the colors. Talk about the smells and discuss the dough and how it feels.




Next I showed Izzy how to roll the Humble Elephant rolling pin across her ZDough to create a print onto the dough. I love how Humble Elephant makes mini and mommy sized pins and you can even personalize them with a name.





As we cleaned up the ZDough, we talked about colors and worked on our sorting skills. Sorting is an early math skill and is an important part of the math foundation. *You can always find ways to add a little education to your play time.



Go get your playtime on and snag these goodies! They make for perfect stocking stuffers too!

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