Creating a Smart Home with TP-Link

Creating a Smart Home with TP-Link

So if you didn’t know, now you do… my husband is a software engineer. Me I’m not so tech savvy but I try. If it looks difficult I hate to admit, I just ask my husband to do it. I know it’s totally bad to use him as a crutch but he does it so quickly and I’m all about efficiency these days as a working mama.

So why did I tell you about what my husband does for work and why I’m not so great at technology? Well, I wanted to tell you about some easy peasy tech gear for your home that even I can handle.

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TP-Link is a company that has a new line of Smart Home products. There is a free Kasa app that allows for you to control your products via Wi-Fi on your app. The Kasa app allows you to control and customize your lighting & track your light and/or power usage from anywhere. This is awesome because it can help keep your home secure and lower your energy footprint.

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This is our switch in the garage. We can con control the outside garage lights. When the circle is glowing you know it is on. Through the app we set up our garage lights to turn on and off at certain times in the evening.

This app also allows you to schedule your light and/or power usage to suit your unique routine and needs, which we did. We put the smart switch in the garage and have our outside garage lights on a timer to turn on around 6pm and turn off around 12am. The smart plug is perfect for holiday lights because we can have them on a timer to switch on and off when we want.

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The LED smart bulbs come in white or multicolor, they can be put on a schedule to turn on and off via your app. The color bulbs are infinite in their color combinations, you can make the bulbs any colors you want. For example, for christmas we set our breakfast lights to be red and green. On top of all this, they are very energy efficient! Score!

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I know you are probably thinking, this is going to be sooo expensive. But it’s not! Not all Smart Home products have to break the bank. TP-Link’s Smart Home products range from just $29.99 to $49.99 MSRP.

For 20% off use code: TPLinkSmart

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Check out this fun video I created to show you some of the products in action.

XO Eryka

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