Whitening Our Wine Stains

Whitening Our Wine Stains

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There is no question if I like LOVE wine. Red or white.. give me all the wine! Well not the sweet stuff, but you get it. With the weather getting cooler I’m moving into reds and reds can really stain your teeth. Especially if you drink it just about every night. 😉 My husband not only drinks wine but he also drinks coffee every day. Guys I stumbled upon an amazing whitening system. After my first whitening session I had a noticeable difference in color and so did my husband.


What’s amazing about Smile Brilliant? They make everything so easy for you. Simple and easy to follow directions are sent with images. They also send you extra puddy incase you mess up your first mold, which I of course did.




Step 1. You are going to get your kit. Then once it arrives you create your mold. This part isn’t glamorous, you drool a lot. My husband and I were laughing at each other as we waited for our molds to harden.

Step 2. Mail your mold so they can send back your custom fitted whitening trays. You will get an emailed notification once the molds are received and once your mouth piece has shipped to you.

Step 3. Open up your package and start whitening.






Not sure how much to squeeze into your mouth tray? There are photos to show you how much and where to squeeze the whitening and desensitizing gel. Also here is a great video that will help show you every step along the way!

Sensitive teeth?

If you have super sensitive teeth like my husband try using the desensitizing gel a couple days in advance and use it overtime after whitening. Also don’t whiten daily if you have sensitive teeth. My husband has sensitive teeth but followed these rules and hasn’t had any issue like he has in the past with other whitening regimens or kits.



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Enter to WIN a whitening kit!

Ready to see the results after just a few weeks of whitening?



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