3 Reasons I Don’t Talk About Politics On Social Media

3 Reasons I Don’t Talk About Politics On Social Media

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Election time is here! We are about to find out who is going to be elected as the new President! With that comes a whole bunch of drama and political party bashing.  So I wanted to share my 5 reasons I try my hardest to not talk about politics via social media.

1. You might lose a friend over a political debate.
Is it worth it to lose a good friend. You guys get along and have fun play dates but maybe you don’t see eye to eye on politics. It doesn’t mean you can’t be friends. But posting a bunch about it could offend someone and even cause a fight that could ultimately end a friendship. Why? Because we all know political debates among people get heated.

2. Piggy backing on that thought.. You could lose a client or follower
Doctor, Dentist, Laywer, Blogger? Doesn’t matter who you are, if you say something that as I said with the friends… offends someone or they see you in a huge debate on Facebook crapping all over their beliefs they may not want to continue to see you as a client. As a blogger maybe they no longer follow you for advice or care to read your thoughts. If you liked or got along with someone or their personality before, their political stance really shouldn’t be the end all be all, but when fights or debates break out it can be.

3. You are not going to change anyones mind.
So therefore it’s pretty much a big waste of your time and the time of whomever decided to write a nasty comment about why you are wrong or stupid for your beliefs. I know you want to shout it at the roof tops, but people get so heated I think it’s just not worth it to deal with a virtual fight.

I know you may disagree with me and that’s totally okay! 😉

And FYI, I don’t mind reading your political views, if you like to post them. You are not bothering me. I simply thought I’d let you know… I’m still that opinionated person I’ve always been I’m just choosing to take a step back from this fight. I just don’t have the energy to handle a debate or the self control to not defend my stance if someone had something to say about it… and someone of course would. 

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