Touchdown Snack with GOODFOODS

Touchdown Snack with GOODFOODS

Game day means snacking and hanging on the couch or at the very least trying to keep your kid(s) huddled in the family room with you. Whether you are having guests over or just want a fun treat for the family, I have created an adorable and fun game day snack that is simple, delicious and quick.

Chicken Quesadilla Football Dippers

First off I found the most delicious guacamole that even Izzy likes to eat. I have never liked store bought and always made my own. GOODFOODS makes numerous products but their southwest guacamole… um whoa! SUPER YUMMY! GOODFOODS tableside guacamole is totally a #1 pick for game day. Even though this is a delicious evening snack with chips I wanted to create a daytime meal/snack with my favorite guac while we watch football!


1. Soft Tortila Wraps
2. Shredded Mexican Cheese
3. GOODFOODS Tableside Guacamole (Chunky or Southwest)
4. Optional: Sour Cream & Fresh Cherry Tomatoes

1. On a cutting board cut out the shapes of footballs with a knife. If you have a hard time eyeballing the size and shape then make one on a piece of paper and use it to trace as you cut.


2. Set half of your footballs aside and create football laces for the other half. Just cut a line in the middle with three lines going horizontally through it to create your football laces. Add cheese to the half without the laces and place the piece with the laces on top.



3. Place your football quesadillas on a pan. Turn the temp up to med/high. You want it warm enough to brown the quesadilla on each side and melt the cheese.



4. Remove and place onto a plate. While they are cooling grab your GoodFoods Tableside Chunky Guacamole and scoop into a bowl. Or use our family favorite, the Tableside Southwest Guacamole. Izzy LOVES eating the black beans and corn mixed in it.


*I bet you didn’t know that this yummy guac is hand scooped, has no artificial ingredients and no added sugar. Beyond the flavor this is a big plus for me and my family.


5. If you like extra garnishes you can add some fresh tomatoes or sour cream to your bowl.


6. Sit on the couch and enjoy!



Good Foods Southwest Guacamole is the only kind of guacamole Izzy will eat!


Go snag some yummy GOODFOODS guacamole and dip away!

Not sure if a store near you carries GOODFOODS products? We found our GOODFOODS Guacamole at Publix. Search for a GOODFOODS retailer near you.


Delicious GAME DAYSnack

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