Mommy and Me Fall Fashion

Mommy and Me Fall Fashion

I received some of the mentioned items in this post in exchange for an honest review. As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

There are so many beautiful things about motherhood. So many things that counter the craziness when you wonder, am I going to survive parenthood today? Today I’m talking about something a little less tear jerking. It’s fashion guys! Mommy and me or Daddy and me fashion is so much fun and totally adds more fun to parenthood!

From day one I enjoyed dressing Izzy up as a doll. After birth my recovery was rough but I enjoyed putting Izzy in darling little outfits and finding a matching bow or hat. It was one of those fun moments of the day that gave me a smile when I was feeling the post pardum blues.

Now that Izzy is bigger I seem to find more and more mommy and me fashions and I love them all!

Similar colored jeans, fringe boots and gray sweaters make for a fun mommy and me fall look.

Mommy and me fashion doesn’t have to be the same dresses or the exact same outfit. You can pull alike pieces together for a simple and fun mommy and me look. For our mommy and me look below you can see we have on matching leggings and similar boots. I gave us tops that were not matchy matchy but similar in the fact they are both lighter colors. I turned my top into a tunic and she has a dress over her leggings.





So remember you can add matching pieces such as our leggings and then similar pieces such as our boots to create your own mommy and me look. I’m going to keep on enjoying this mommy and me look until Izzy decides it’s not cool anymore. 😉

Shop our leggings

Shop my boots

Shop Izzy’s boots

Shop Izzy’s Headband 

Shop Izzy’s necklace

Shop Izzy’s dress

XO Eryka

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