10 Reasons You Know You Are A Toddler Mom

10 Reasons You Know You Are A Toddler Mom

Being a mother isn’t easy… at all! I think the hardest part it that children are constantly changing so you have to keep up with their newest wants and needs. Here are 10 reasons you know you are officially a toddler mom!

I hope you have a little chuckle as you read.


1. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Peppa Pig, Elmo, Paw Patrol, Bubble Guppies… Doesn’t matter what your kid watches, you find yourself locked into the show… often. You are also very grateful for this show because it buys you time to get things done or maybe even keeps your child content in the car. 😉


2. You must now decide if something is truly hazardous to your child or not, because is it really worth taking that fork away and then provoking a full on tantrum?

3. ALWAYS remember to bring shoes, because your kid is now VERY mobile and WILL want to walk and run as soon you get to your destination.

4. There is a never ending supply of toys scattered around the house… all the time. You will NEVER get them all picked up at once.

5. Changing a diaper is now a full on battle and possibly a workout for both of you. (Time to potty train!)


6. You are now an interpreter of all of your child’s wants and needs. Because no one should know that, “orf” means “leaf”.

7. You have days of being recluse because why bother putting on a bra, dressing your child, fighting to get your kid into the carseat or hearing them cry about being in the carseat, or dealing with a potential tantrum in public.

8. There is a random scarf, stuffed toy, and high heels on your bathroom floor… none of which you put there.

9. Sharing is caring! You have become a very sneaky person. If your child sees you eating a cookie or donut.. or anything delicious, be prepared to share it… all of it!


10. You drink… more than you did pre baby… because well the days are long. Yes I know and the years are short, they really do fly by… but can we talk about though how long the days are. Even if your kid is a complete angel all day (unlikely), a glass of wine is a wonderful reward for surviving motherhood one more day. Plus it’s a parent’s right of passage… right? lol 😉

mommy and wine

Welcome to toddlerhood!

XO Eryka

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