2 Toddler Bath Time Must Haves

2 Toddler Bath Time Must Haves

Bath time is a great time of the day. Why? Because this typically means you are really close to bedtime and also because it’s a great bonding/play time. There are 2 things that are pretty crucial to a successful toddler bath time and I’m sharing those with you! So what are my must haves for a toddler bath time?

1. Entertainment: Isabella loves to play in the tub and I love playing with her. We found the ultimate entertainment center for the tub! The tubby table is seriously another amazing invention where I once again ask myself, why didn’t I think of this? It’s easy to assemble and suctions to the bottom of the tub. The table swivels so the child can access the whole thing easily. The center has a foam piece that can be removed so you can change out the scenery. We got the mermaid kit so we can alternate between that and the jungle.

Right now her favorite thing to play with are the shapes. She loves taking them out and putting them back in. It’s a great time to continue talking about shapes and add a little education during bath time.


Izzy loves taking out the shapes and putting them back in.



2. Soft and Absorbent Towel(s): Zoocchini is a brand that from the moment we starting using we were brand lovers! The hooded towels are amazing & adorable. They are so soft, yet also absorb the water so it’s a quick dry off session. This means if it’s very cold then we can quickly get her into her pjs without dampness on her skin. Seriously though, the designs are way too cute! We have a unicorn and flamingo. When Izzy was in the baby size towel we had the piggie.






No Izzy that is Mommy’s toothpaste…

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Adorable Hooded Towels

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