My Ugly Truths Of Motherhood- Bring on HEFTY help

My Ugly Truths Of Motherhood- Bring on HEFTY help

As a blogger or really just being a human in general we mostly chose to share the good on social media. I like to share the pretty parts of my life and the positive aspects. Yes I may joke about the bad, but you don’t see much of the nitty gritty. I have on make up in my photos and if I haven’t showered I’m doing a damn good job to hide it. Girls I go to the grocery store and thank my lucky stars that my kid is adorably charming so people look at her and not me. Why? Because I probably have on zero make up and am still in my pjs… at least I put on a bra, right?


1. I don’t always shower everyday. I have been known to take a few days off. That is some real mom life for you!

2. I have days where I feel too anxious to leave the house, so we just stay in. Beyond anxiety.. how about all the things you need to make sure you have before you leave the house.

3. I can’t drive past 30 minutes alone with Izzy in the car because she freaks out. When she cries or gets fussy it causes me distress. I’m not comfortable driving like that. Yes, I have pulled over the car numerous times to give Izzy a toy, book or anything to help her calm down and become content. I read an article that breastfeeding mothers actually are more sensitive to their child’s cry so I’m going with that.

4. My kid has tantrums…multiple times a day. It’s totally normal for this age… and we are dealing with it. She’s at that age where she really wants to communicate and is also testing to see what she can get away with. This is the age where you make or break the brat!

With all these ugly truths of motherhood, I’m grateful to have a product like Hefty that brings some strength to my tough days. Have you seen the commercials with John Cena? No, you should! He is one hefty, hefty, hefty guy! Do I wish I had John Cena here all day to take out the trash when my husband isn’t home? And maybe even carry my kicking and screaming child as I continue shopping in the grocery store? Yes! Or most of all to just look at? Because let’s be honest, he’s easy on the eyes. Um yes!


Yoga pants, t-shirt and messy bun, my typical mom attire!

On a serious note, there is no stress or anxiety with Hefty! I know what to expect with this product and it’s amazing! I can count on the active tear resistant technology to keep all my trash in the trash! Now that’s a #momwin. No one wants poopy diapers or uneaten leftovers spilling out onto the floor or stinking up the trash bin. That would only bring one more ugly truth to motherhood and we don’t need to add more. I don’t need to be cleaning up more messes. Not only do these Hefty bags keep trash in, they keep the stink in too! Hefty Ultra Strong Kitchen trash bags have Arm & Hammer patented odor neutralizers.

When you are in the grocery store, go to the bakery and see if you can get yourself your kid a cookie and then head straight to the trash bags and throw some Hefty Ultra Strong Kitchen Trash Bags into your cart. Enjoy having one less thing to stress about during the day!

Even though these trash bags are already a great price, I’m sharing a coupon with you!

Enjoy this $1 off coupon just for you! I mean you can share with friends too! 😉



How awesome is that break resistant grip drawstring?

Tell me, what are your not so glamorous mom truths? Also how could you use the help of WWE Wrester John Cena?

XO Eryka

The Not So Glamourous Mom Truths

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