Snacking Healthy & Halloween Treat Tutorial

Snacking Healthy & Halloween Treat Tutorial

I can’t express how hard it is to run any errands without snacks for my Izzy. It’s pretty much impossible. Tell me I’m not alone! I know I’m not the only mom looking for healthy and quick snacks. Gerber has me and Izzy feeing happy and at ease with their Lil’ Beanies. She loves them because they are yummy and I love them because they are non-GMO and have no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. That makes this a win win snacking situation!

Shopping at Publix is always a breeze because if we are unsure where things are, there are always the sweetest employees ready to help. Mostly Izzy helps me find her snacks while we move through the baby aisle. By helping, she points and says, “That, that that! Yum, yum!”

Izzy knows what she likes!


“Uh oh!” That means it is refill time!


Which flavor will she pick?

Not only are these a perfect snack for home and on the go, but they are a perfect halloween gift! Yes, we all know these kiddies are going to get way too much candy. Ready to see how we made our favorite snack into the most adorable gift for Izzy to give to her buddies?



Geber Lil’ Beanies
Black Sharpe
Orange Construction Paper (9 X 12)


1. Cut the construction paper into 4 by 12 inch rectangles.
2. Draw your pumpkin face onto the paper using a sharpe.
3. Wrap the construction paper around the can and tape together in the back.
4. Write a special note on top of the cover.




Snag your Gerber Lil’ Beanies at $.75 off and enjoy a win win moment with your kid(s).

XO Eryka

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