Swing Thing Official

Swing Thing Official

Isabella loves to be outside. I will say though, since she was very little she has been hot and cold with the swing. Bucket swings are just that, buckets! They are so big that your child is often lost in them and they never really seem to be secure. Especially before your child is big enough to really stabilize or hold on tightly.

I found the bucket swing best friend SWING THING!



This shop was created by a mommy herself. There are many different colors and patterns. It’s super easy to install and rolls up tight for ease of packing in the diaper bag. It is also BPA/lead free, water proof and machine washable! #momwin


I love that Izzy now feels secure in the swing and smiles every time. The fear of not feeling secure while the swing was in motion made her very uneasy. She would not cry, but sign all done and I hated that for her. She has always been a child that is cautious while being adventurous. She can now just relax and have fun. As mommy, I also feel better about knowing she’s fitting more comfortably and securely. I only wish I found it sooner!



Izzy felt safe and secure in her swing and was smiling.


Many moms are not only using it for the park but also in the grocery store. Check out the Swing Thing Instagram to see how others are using it in the shopping cart as well.

If you want to grab a swing thing for your baby click here.

XO Eryka

I received the mentioned item in this post in exchange for an honest review. As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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