Watching What I Love With ComfortCam Pro

Watching What I Love With ComfortCam Pro

From the time you bring your baby home you become obsessed with watching your child around the clock and that includes on the monitor. Please tell me that wasn’t only me! Now I’m less obsessive, but I still love knowing if Isabella needs me. My monitor has made this easier because it allows me to set detections for motion and/or sound.

So what do I have and why do I love it?

ComfortCam Pro is the monitor we use in Izzy’s room.



Why do I love it?

The full feature list is and all details are here. My favorite features are… all of them! I love the panning & zoom. This allows you to move the camera to look in a different area of the room with the flick of a finger on your phone or tablet. Viewing is from anywhere, yes anywhere. This feature allows you to check in on your sleeping babe even if you are 30 minutes away at dinner and it’s your first date night out. You can share the viewing with up to 4 smart phones or tablets. This means you can add it to a tablet for the baby sitter and still have it on yours and your significant others phone and still have one more device left. Two way audio allows you to hear your child and speak to them if needed. There are also movement and sound alert options, video record option, split screen, picture capture and night vision.

Here is the night vision in action and as you can see the green bar means there is a small amount of noise (her sound machine). The image below shows how the colors escalate the louder she is.

Izzy decided she did not want to go to bed. See how the colors went to red.
Izzy decided it was a good idea to sleep after all.

This image shows you how you can see the images you take below the live feed from the monitor. You touch the live feed with your finger and swipe to span the camera in the room.


I’m really enjoying that the camera can span the room because soon enough she will be in a toddler bed and I’m going to need to see where she is, when she’s not in bed. So if you are a mommy to be, new mom or your child is a newly in a toddler bed, check out this monitor here and start watching what you love!

XO Eryka

I received the mentioned item in this post in exchange for an honest review. As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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