Pumpkin Pops with Gerber Lil’ Bits

Pumpkin Pops with Gerber Lil’ Bits

If you are looking to make a sweet treat for a baby/toddler get together or party here is a delicious and adorable way to incorporate fall and a healthy ice pop.

What you need: Gerber lil’ bits, cake pop mold, cake pop sticks, food coloring, scissors & (optional homemade applesauce.)

Gerber 3rd Foods with Lil’ Bits are great for your babes crawling and getting ready for chunkier food and mixed textures. I remember when this was a great in between food for Izzy to help guide her more advanced eating. Although mealtime is now easier because she has mastered chewing, I miss seeing that sweet baby face covered in baby food. She used to put her hands in her mouth after EVERY bite. Her favorite food was applesauce and she still loves it!


Getting started: Like me you may have bought more than just orange colored Gerber lil’ bits because how can you not get the apple blueberry for fall? But for the pumpkin pop you will want to use the orange colored foods. If you would like to add in any homemade applesauce or blended foods to this pop go for it! Izzy has always loved applesauce so I added some in.

First step pick the flavor and open up 1 pack.



Next you are going to fill each half sphere with the Gerber lil’ bits you chose. For mine I chose the orchard fruit medley. The name sounds perfect for fall, right? You can snag some here. If you are adding in homemade applesauce then mix it into the container before spooning into the cake pop container.


Izzy snacked on some while I got her pops ready!

Thirdly take 3 sticks and cut them in half with scissors. Once cut, drip green food coloring into a cup and tilt the cup while twisting the stick. Lay the sticks on a napkin or paper towel to dry the drips.



Next you will place each stick into the cake pop holder and cover the stick with a small amount more of food to hold it in place. Then close the cake pop holder and put it into the freezer for 1.5 hours.


Then pull out the pops and add the rest of the food you didn’t use. Since they have reusable covers I just covered the unused food and had it sitting in the fridge until the pops where frozen and ready to finish. Fill the other side of the cake pop maker and close it shut. Now put it in the fridge for 3+ hours.



Finally pull the pops out of the freezer. Run some warm water on the outside of the pop holder to loosen the pops. Pull them out gently by their sticks. Now you have your adorable, healthy and yummy Pumpkin Pop treat.


Time to enjoy! Izzy LOVED these and actually ate 2 after her breakfast. She kept signing for more & so that is what I call a #momwin. As we work on more and more teeth, I have to say this is a great food for teething babies. The ice pop feels so good on sore gums.




Click here if you are curious to learn more about your child’s readiness for Gerber 3 lil’ bits. Get your Orchard Medley Gerber Lil’ Bits here or if you are anything like me just get a mental image of what you will be looking for in the store. Now go make some adorable pumpkin pops.

XO Eryka

Pumpkin Pops

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