Fall Fun & Language with Z Dough

Fall Fun & Language with Z Dough

Teaching children language doesn’t have to be boring. Actually the best way to work on language is through play. Engaging your child and getting their whole body involved will help their brain stay turned on and focused.

Izzy, like most kids, loves to explore clay. Z Dough is a safe “play dough” alternative that we have been loving. It’s safe to taste (because that happens) and each one has a unique color and scent. Safe to taste doesn’t mean it’s edible nor does it mean you should encourage eating the dough. It just means if there is an accidental taste you don’t need to be in a huge panic. 


Start off by letting your child explore and play (free play) with the Z Dough. This will allow them to focus better when you are trying to introduce educational play.


It’s fun to squish, mold and play with Z Dough. I rolled out the Z Dough flat and helped Izzy with pushing the plastic cookie cutters into the Z Dough. As we created a shape I could tell her the name, such as, “star”. I would ask Izzy, “can you say star?” We  pushed the cookie cutter again making another star. I repeated again, “star.” This time Izzy said, “star” and started poking the star with a plastic fork.

You can also work on skills of asking for things such as, “more star”, “want star” or “I want star.”



Use positional words while playing. Tell your child, put the star inside here. Put the cookie cutter on top. This will build their receptive language skills so they better understand positional language. Some other examples are over, under, and next to.



Chatting about the Z Dough, “this, that!”
Check out our pumpkin, Izzy learned a new word.

Z Dough is a wonderful gift idea! If you are looking for halloween gifts for your children, students or grandkids this is a wonderful alternative. Ready to snag some? Shop Z Dough here.

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