1 1/2 Birthday

1 1/2 Birthday

Izzy turned 18 months on September 2nd. Yes, 1 1/2! Where does the time go? I swear she just turned 1! In the past 6 months Izzy has grown so much from a baby to a straight up toddler.

As sassy and strong willed as she is, I love this opinionated daughter of mine. I think her personality will help her to be a leader, allow her to push herself to her limits and not take anyones crap.


Cupcakes for a 1 1/2 birthday! 18 months already!


Dancing as mommy sings, I’m a little tea pot.

Izzy went to her dr. appointment and she weighs 22 lbs & 10 ounces and is 30.9 inches long. Since when did the tiny little 7 pound 10 ounce baby I brought home from the hospital get so big? I mean she’s only in the 35% for height but still. If you are a parent you get it.

I feel like it’s time to start planning her 2nd birthday but when I think about that I want to cry. I just can’t decide if I want to do another royal party like I did for her first, with a different color scheme or if I want to do Elmo or Minnie. I’m just not sure where to start or what to do. I know.. I have 6 months until she’s two… but I love planning parties!

Beyond Elmo and Mickey/Minnie Mouse Izzy loves jewelry. She picks out a necklace or two and bracelets of mine and her own to put on everyday. She is a GIRLY GIRL! She also loves getting her hair done whether it’s putting on a headband or getting pigtails. That’s her other big news, Izzy finally can get two pigtails. This child has been working hard on growing hair her whole life. Curly hair grows slow! Yes, I know if may not look in all of the pictures, but it’s curly. In the back it’s long enough to curl and she has the cutest ringlets.

Izzy loves to give kisses to her family even without asking she’ll just come and kiss us! It’s adorable! She loves her doggy Teddy & kissing him too. However she is also testing what she can get away with when touching him. It’s been a little stressful for me because Teddy is a good dog and won’t fight back if she gets a hold of his tail and pulls. I’m often putting him in another room if I can’t monitor them because I don’t want him to get hurt. I also don’t want to put him in a situation where he might finally snap and hurt Izzy.

Izzy isn’t really into her veggies lately. She always was such a good eater. I still offer them, but I NEVER force feed. I’ve been blending spinach and other veggies in with frozen fruit to make her a yummy smoothie. She’s really enjoying that and it makes me happy because I know she’s getting veggies. For an on the go smoothie we use the reusable ChooMee products. You can learn more about them here.

I love to_

Climbing onto the couch, her new favorite thing
Sharing tea with her teddy bear.
Look mom, I’m not listening to you! ha


Isn’t the banner adorable! It’s from a new and growing shop called Dog and Butterfly Co. Details below.

We just started potty training this week and I’m going to be sharing that with you all. We got 2 pees in the potty on Monday and the rest on the floor or in the pull up. Yes I needed a stiff drink Monday night. We are working hard on this potty thing, I’ll keep you all posted!

Thank’s for popping in to read about Izzy’s 18 month update! GIVEAWAY for her Birthday will be on Instagram 9/7/16.

Want details on Izzy’s outfit and decor? Of course I’m going to share all of that with you!

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XO Eryka

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