Phone & Tablet Fun with PawdPet

Kids, toddlers and babies love electronics! Izzy loves to play games on mommy’s phone when her patience have worn out.  I love to hand it over when I am in a crunch and need her to attend to a task for just a few more minutes. We have all been there when we stand in the grocery line and your kid is over it, before the meltdown begins or she tries climbing out of the cart my phone can save the day. If you need a cute and fun holder, I found it!

The PawdPet is an amazing stuffed toy and holder for your tablet or phone.

Each PawdPet comes with the option of ordering for a tablet or phone. We chose the phone size because when home, out grocery shopping or in a restaurant I always have my phone. You can easily fit the phone size PawdPet in the diaper bag.


I love this products because:

1. It can lay on it’s back or side.

2. It can magnetically hold a phone or tablet.

When you open up your PawdPet you will find a small magnetic bar that has adhesive on one side for sticking to your phone. This is what keeps the phone or tablet attached to the PawdPet magnetically.

3. It can protect your phone or tablet by going in the back pouch.

4. It can be carried by hand or with the strap you find tucked in the back pocket.





Izzy loves her soft bunny called Bun Bun who holds mommy’s phone.

You can purchase Bun Bun here. To see all PawdPets click here.

I teamed up with PawdPet for a giveaway so go and enter here.

XO Eryka

I received the mentioned item in this post in exchange for an honest review. As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Jacki Q says:

    Bun Bun is so cute!!! I think Eukie may need a friend!

    1. busylittleizzy says:

      Yes! Isn’t bun bun so sweet?

  2. Brittany dunn says:

    Very cute, I think I need one for all my school kiddos 😉

    1. busylittleizzy says:

      Ha yes!!! That would be perfect

  3. Izzy is so cute with her PawdPet! How nice to know your phone won’t get broken in little hands.

    1. busylittleizzy says:

      Yes! The perfect little phone or tablet holder! I’m obsessed!

  4. Claire says:

    How cute!!! What a great idea – MG calls my ipad ‘peppa pig’ because that’s what she associates it with!

    1. busylittleizzy says:

      Haha! I love that!? I can’t wait to hear Izzy talk more

  5. Shannan says:

    This is so smart for toddlers!!!

    1. busylittleizzy says:

      I just wonder why I didn’t think of it! Lol

  6. Meghan says:

    This looks so cute!

    1. busylittleizzy says:

      Thank you, it’s such a great product & soft & cute

  7. This is such a brilliant invention! I love that it has a strap so they can carry it around!

    1. busylittleizzy says:

      Me too!!

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